Frequently Asked Questions

New features in BuddySchool

  1. How the booking process looks like?

  2. Is it possible to book a few lessons at the same time?

  3. How quickly and in what way will I be paid for a lesson?

  4. How much does it cost?

  5. What has happened with prices in currencies other than US dollars?

General questions

  1. How does BuddySchool work?

  2. What happens during a lesson?

  3. Why should I use BuddySchool?

  4. Do I need to install any special software?

  5. Can I export my schedule to applications like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or Google Calendar?


  1. Do I need to register?

  2. What can I do if I've forgotten my password?

For Students

  1. How do I start learning?

  2. How can I find my tutor?

  3. How do I contact my tutor?

  4. How do I schedule a lesson with a tutor?

  5. What if my tutor is not available in the period I am interested in?

  6. Where can I see my scheduled lessons?

  7. How do I pay for a lesson?

  8. What if the tutor doesn't show up for a lesson?

For Tutors

  1. How to start teaching?

  2. How can I activate my profile?

  3. Where can I see my scheduled lessons?

  4. How do I get paid?

  5. How can I tell my students when I'm available?

  6. Can I use teaching materials during the lesson?

  7. How can I find students?

  8. How can I contact my students?

Rating - Tutor and Student Score

  1. What is the Tutor Score?

  2. How is the Tutor Score calculated?

  3. What is the Student Score?


  1. How to get more students? Paid ads

  2. What is a sponsored listing ad and how does it work?

  3. What is a highlighted listing ad?

  4. What are credits and how do I use them to pay for ads?

  5. How to create an ad?

  6. Why can't I see my sponsored listing ad?