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nick cristinabrazil
country Brazil
languages English, Portuguese, Spanish


College/University: Federal University of Uberlandia Languages Course, English, Spanish, Portuguese and its Literature (1999-2004) being ranked number 2 after all the entrance exams necessary for the course and an average of 95% in the subjects studied. Started studies for the mastering degree in Languages and New Technologies English classes at CCAA (1993-1999) fluent 780 hours course Spanish classes at CCAA (2001- 2003) fluent Italian Classes at Centro Cultural Americano (2005 till the present with a private tutor) French Classes (2007 private tutor) German classes at Berlitz (February 2007) I Pedagogic Journey for Educational Administrators- June 2007- Federal School Dificulties of Spanish for Brazilians: a contrast between Portuguese and Spanish- November 2006 Teaching Values through the language/ How to engadge students to read and learn - September 2006 - Longman Post Graduation and Mastering Degree- Seminar for Research in Applied Linguistics- December 2005 Federal University- Fundaments of Cientific Search in Languages - 2005 Regional Seminar at the Federal University- Educator’s Background November 2003 Literacy in Portuguese Congress – October 2003 Let’s Grammar UP- Macmillan- September 2003 Teacher Education Program- YAZIGI Internexus- January 2003 Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading in Languages- Longman- October 2002 Do you copy models or believe to be innovating? – March 2002- Seminar presented by myself Learning and teaching Languages using the Multiple Intelligences- 2002 Course presented by myself Federal University- Course in Translation – 2002 Teaching/Learning- the lexic of English Language- 2002 Preparatory Course for the FCE (First Certificated in English- 2001- Cultura Inglesa The real and the imaginary in the learning process- Federal University- 2000 Foreign Languages – Curricular Parameters – Federal University- 2000 To Learn a Foreign Language isn’t just to learn – Federal University- 2000 Corel Draw- Bit Company- 2001 Access- Bit Company – 2000 Power Point- Bit Company- 2000 Excel- Bit Company- 2000 Windows 98, Internet and word- Bit Company- 2000 Movies to teach Languages- Federal university - 1999 ELT- From the 60’s into the New Millenium- CCAA- 1999 IV. HONORS AND AWARDS Best Student of Spanish during all semesters studied Second best grades at the University during the Portuguese and English Languages and its Literature Course V. PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS AND APPOINTMENTS Online Tutor, Translator, Interpreter, Private teacher 1999 till the present Instituto Irmã Teresa Valsé Pantellini 2003- 2005 Colégio Nossa Senhora 2002-2004 http://www.ressurreicaouberlan Yazigi Internexus Wi zard Pré-Vestibular Paulo Freire Colégio Federal br/ Virtual Cursos e Treinamentos Colégio Colibri Private English School (PES) Colégio Equipe E.E. Dr. Duarte Pimentel Ulhôa E. E. Frei Egídio Parisi VI. ABILITIES/ QUALIFICATIONS To provide high levels of facilitative conditions (warmth, empathy, genuineness, and concreteness) to help the student to achieve greater language abilities, to be focused and motivated during the learning process Educational Multimedia Qualifications To integrate new technology in my teaching To create learning situations suitable for specific goals Talent to share knowledge with others, to challenge, inspire,and encourage students Support and guidance Desire to make a difference in an individual’s life Feel pride in my own and as well as students’ accomplishments In a continuous process of obtaining more knowledge Open and receptive to the new and innovative Changes in strategy to reach the goals with each individual Experience as interpreter, online tutor, translator and teacher for clients all over the world Coordinator at Languages School, focused on goals and results, teacher’s training and motivation. Talent with interpersonal relationships and to adapt with the individuals I work with being able to reach results faster. Always look forward to identify the needs and goals of my clients and to adapt the services I will provide according to it in the best way possible, the results have been always superior than the expected and stablished. Have been teaching millions of students during my successful career VII. PRESENTATIONS AT NATIONAL MEETINGS Do you copy models or believe to be innovating? – March 2002- Seminar presented by myself Learning and teaching Languages using the Multiple Intelligences- 2002 Course presented by myself

Experience: 9 years

About me

I have been teaching since 1999 at the best schools and to very interesting students all over the world and here's my invitation for you to make more progress in your life cause languages are definetely a very necessary tool for you to reach the higher levaels and standarts in life. I have references and can send my CV on demand. Regards and all the best.