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nick BeataBazyluk
country Germany
languages English, French, German, Polish


High School Deegry in International Relationships in Politics, Poland

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Witam, Hello, Hallo, Salut, Would you like to speak with me Polish? Beginners or advanced learners are both welcome! Polish is my native language. Currently I am living in Germany, where I give basic Polish lessons as a VHS-teacher for German learners . VHS stands for VolksHochSchule, which is an institution for adult learners. It is a pleasure for me to be your personal teacher. Möchten Sie gerne mit mir Polnisch sprechen? Ob Beginner oder fortgeschrittener Lerner? Polnisch ist meine Muttersprache. Gegenwärtig unterrichte ich als eine VHS-Dozentin Polnisch für erwachsene Deutschsprachler. Es ist eine Freude für mich, Ihre persönliche Lehrerin zu sein. Beata Bazyluk-Tietze WikiMail: Good evening, Mostly, all of you are already in the bed. For me it is always nice time evening. Silence... I have spend now a lot of time on internet watching different wiki "linked" from Fridemar. Still before our common seminar I had known only wikipedia. Once more I see that I know nothing or in other words there is so much things to discover. Only time... 24 hour is not much. What to choose or what to leave? Not easy. But the things come always in the right time, when we are ready for it. And only later we can (perhaps) understand that it had sense just in this time. In the end I want to say that for me people are very important, "they are part of me". All the best and good night for you who doesnt sleep yet. Hey Beata, your contribution is another milestone in this Wiki for making (not only myself) but possibly a lot of more and more people happy in the future :-) I agree with you, that there is such an ocean of knowledge in the Internet, that any selection of it is a work of art. But the most important part, you say it, are the people, who we all embrace, thus extending our consciousness beyond the limits of our initial smaller self. -- fridemar PS.: B.t.w. As there were only three copies of the kursif - magazin as give-aways, and I took one, there are chances, that you fell short of taking one. Meanwhile I found a link, where you can download a pdf-file of the current magazine: >> kursif 2. Halbjahr 2007 herunterladen. As it has 54 pages, it takes some time. I hope that you have a fast DSL-Internet connection. Otherwise I read somewhere, that kursif is distributed free for course-leaders of the VHS in Bayern. (course-leader=KursleiterIn) I'll start a public FireTrail in wiki-mode, named "kursif", where we can gather scattered stuff on the kursif-project. By the way, if you find some typos in my text, feel free to corect ( ;- ) them. This way we can do each other a favor.