Single Mother's Retreat & Inspiration

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nick Blessed2BMe
country United States
languages English


AA in Business BA in Social Science and Journalism Paralegal Certification Real Estate Brokers Licence

Experience: 8 years

About me

I am a Single Mother who woke up one morning and found myself alone and "the" head of the family. Living in a state that was 2,600 miles away from my parents and $11.00 to my name. I went from the food bank and crying on the floor to a 6 figure income, more energy than I know what to do with and content in being who *I* am today. I refused to give up and coward to societies idealistic image of what a "good mother" is and focused on what was ultimately best for me and MY family. My degree is in Social Science and I work very hard to motivate single mother's to stand on their own two feet and become the woman that marriage never allowed them to be. The woman their children need in their lives and the woman for whom they themselves are blessed to be today. I will not only teach you how to hug each day as though it were your first but to embrace the downfalls as though they were your last. I will help show you how to be the mother your children REALLY need and not the woman your ex says you should be. But I can't do it alone! You have to WANT to be the best YOU can possibly be and you have to WANT to love and respect you the way your children deserve to love and respect YOU! Discipline isn't just for children any longer. =) Come join my class and find YOU again! Kimberley Chandler