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nick SamoSamo
country United States
languages English


* education in coaching (psychotherapeutic) modalities, such as Gestalt, TA, EFT, dance therapy, ... * Masters (all but thesis on social aspects of interpersonal trust) in sociology * Sociology and IT for social sciences (social informatics)

Experience: 10 years

About me

You have always wanted to meet someone that would make you feel listened to, heard, and understood the way couches listen to their clients about the everyday unpleasant feelings, about repeating unpleasant thoughts that one finds not easy to turn into joyful and uplifting ones, about repeating unpleasant social situations and not very fulfilling roles one finds oneself repeating, about repeated stories one lives according to and doesn't find them inspiring anymore now. Although maybe you are thinking this is only for other people who can afford to hire coach/healer/therapist to address unpleasant experiences, I can assure you that you can afford it, too. You can afford to receive this coaching because it is offered for a minimal price because I earn enough money by my other daily job, and this is what I do because I love to use creatively EFT technique for others and myself. Try and go, the first email is responded for free, write whatever comes up from your body, heart, mind or spirit. I am here to listen, and to respond in email by suggesting some phrases to be used while tapping on the issues. You can now email me because your coach is here now for you waiting for your email. If you have second thoughts regarding EFT as technique of choice, you can first read educational materials attainable for free from EFT website where you can download the EFT-Manual, the EFT-Newsletter, and join the EFT-Community's Forums to get the feel of it, and then come back to me, and also you can go to many other EFT practitioners' websites to see if anyone else suites your needs or offers a better price (I love that there is a competition because one can always find somebody who suits one's present needs most).