Chios Energy Field Healing

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66.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Leigh
country Spain
languages English


I have been involved in auric and Energy field work for over a decade.

Experience: 10 years

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Chios® Energy Field Healing is a relatively new, yet powerful complementary therapy based upon the belief that any illness, be it mental, emotional or physical, also exists in the energy field surrounding the body. By treating this energy field (the aura and chakras), we are in turn treating the illness itself at a higher level and activating the self-healing process. Chios® Energy Field Healing can successfully be taught over a distance and the distant attunments are just as powerful as those in person. nThere are 3 levels, each one costing 55 euros, OR you can study all three for 130 euros. LEVEL 1: First attunement, an introduction to Chios healing, learning to channel energy, calling in the energy and stopping the flow, sensing the energy field, introductions to chakras, how to perform a session, hand positions and Chios meditation. COST: 55 euros LEVEL 2: Attunement and Chios 2 symbols, energetic defects, reading the aura and chakras, learning to see auras, aura clearing and charging, how to unblock the chakras, connection of energy flow, using light in healing, sealing leaks and tears in the energy field. COST: 55 euros LEVEL 3:Advanced energy, colour and light healing techniques, viewing the 7 layers of the aura, chakra charging and rebalancing, advanced diseases’ treatment procedures, the Radiatory method, distance healing and attunement procedures. COST: 55 euros Please feel free to contact me for more information. Or visit my website: www.amorillum.com