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nick bega61
country Russian Federation
languages English, French, Russian



Experience: 15 years

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Do you want to speak Russian well in a short time? My method is now avalable to help students speak Russian. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Your Russian course starts with free 20minute interview that serves to establish you Russian language level. Each lesson is an invidual meeting of 1 academic hour with the native-tongue Russian teacher. Your course will have exercices that you can do on-line.You will also have audio files that you can download from my site and listen to on your computer or on your MP3 player. You will be tutored one on one with a professional Russian teacher for a really good price. I speak native Russian. Do you want to speak like a native Russian speaker? I have a proven method of grammer and phonics than can help you imrouve. The contement and volume of materials of this course meet the Russian government's educational standard for teaching Russian as a foreign language: - to write words, sentences and texts in Russian letter; - correctly pronounce Russian words,observing an accent and rhythmic of a word; - to use a correct intonation in order to make statements in Russian; - to be phonetically correct, while reading words,groups of words, sentences, small texts. Je parle le Français et le Russe. Je peux vous offrir des cours des russe. @ I have my Virtual Room. I use higt technology distance learning and teaching software tools: * shared white board * instant recording lesson * E-meeting Bookmarks * best quality sound * best quality record Minimal price for the lessons: @ Learn Russian Grammar 7 USD/ 30MIN @ Free Conversation 4,5 USD @ Correction of grammatical mistakes --from 10 USD @ Correction of pronunciation --7 USD/ 30MIN Payment can be done with moneybookers: Don't hesitate to skype me! Also I accept a payment at Western Union.