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nick JasonHaney1980
country Costa Rica
languages English


EDUCATION: Bachelor of fine Arts INSTITUTION University of Tulsa LOCATION Tulsa, Oklahoma DATES 1998-2002 DEGREE B.F.A. EDUCATION: Spanish Study Abroad INSTITUTION Universidad de Malaga LOCATION Malaga, Spain DATES 2001/2002 DEGREE certification of Spanish

Experience: 5 years

About me

Do you want to speak like a native English speaker? You can! I have a proven method of grammar and phonics that can help you improve! You will be tutored one on one with a professional english teacher for a really good price. LANGUAGES SPOKEN / PROFICIENCY / HOW DID YOU ACQUIRE THEM? I speak native English. I also write and speak fluent Spanish. I have lived in Costa Rica for 5 years. INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION TRAINING AND EDUCATION: Most of my formal training was at the university level. My time in Spain was very helpful but, my 5 years here in Costa Rica with total emersion has been the most useful. INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION EXPERIENCE: I have been teaching English to Spanish speakers for 5 years. I also have offered my translation services to many businesses and lawyers here in the San Jose area; INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE / CULTURAL CONNECTION WITH THE USA: I am from the States but, I live here. I have cable, internet and phone COUNTRIES WHERE YOU HAVE LIVED / WHEN? / WHAT AGES? U.S.A. 1980-2001 Spain 2001-2002 Mexico 2002-2003 Costa Rica 2003-present PERSONAL / PROFESSIONAL NARRATIVE: I am a husband and father of an almost two-year-old boy who takes a lot of my attention. I have traveled a little. I have had a business license here in Costa Rica since 2004. I have sold real estate properties. I have also sold many travel packages here in Costa Rica to tourists. I enjoy playing basketball on the weekends and jogging before my lunch break. I like listening to salsa music and dancing. My professional interests are in growing my company.