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I am on the verge of receving my own Bachelor of Science degree from a prestigious regionally accredited institution in U.S. non-traditionally. I already earned over 125 credits against requirement of 120 credits only for Graduation under GPA of 3.46 on a scale of 4.00. I also passed Portfolio Development course from a major institution in U.S. in top Grade 'A' which made me fully capable to help adults to make the Portfolios for their work / life experiences to earn credits. I am in fact sharing my these two learning areas among the students and non-degreed adults around the world. I became aware the different ways of earning the credits to apply them towards the degree program because of my own Bachelors degree non-traditionally.

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American fully accredited Associate, Bachelors and Masters degrees can be earned from the prestigious regionally accredited colleges in U.S. through your home sitting and at your own time schedule:  if you have just passed Grade XII (High School Graduate / Intermediate Examination) and a young fresher  if you wish to earn the degree in any course, subject , area or field of your choice (except some professional concentrations)  if you are an adult with some post-secondary education but unable / do not wish to return to the college for completion of the degree on campus  if you are a working adult without a college degree but unable to return to the college to earn the degree on campus because of family and job responsibilities. You can well utilize and translate your credit worthy work / life experiences into college-level credits towards earning the degree. The service will provide to assess the status of student or adult through preliminary overview of information contained in his / her Evaluation Form (to be sent) and based upon the evaluation, the student or adult may be informed about his / her present status w.r.t the requirements towards earning the fully accredited non-traditional degree from one of the prestigious regionally accredited colleges in U.S. Comments or suggestions for any course of action, if available to him / her for satisfying the requirements for earning the degree may be informed. The service would be available to students and adults around the world because the degree may be earned irrespective of any location around the world. More details may be viewed in the website The fees in the website are old and are being revised. Evaluation Form may be emailed at ID: alongwith the fees for USD100.