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In years, it’s almost fifteen. The tutor has seen many test takers from many diverse backgrounds through their GMAT and GRE challenges. He has proved with tangible results that the GMAT and GRE are winnable.

The tutor is not a teacher but a coach. The following words used by him have attracted the attention of many a desperate students who got their GMAT dreams realized.

I am your personal coach to help you set your target, plan your work, work your plan and realize your goals. I will be with you to guide you, correct you, encourage you and motivate you. I will make sure that you are doing the right thing the right way.

GMA T and GRE coaching is not simply his career but passion. His critical thinking and analytical reasoning faculties are in a relentless battle of discovering ‘another effective technique or approach’ to help you do better and save your time in the test.

He quit a lucrative professional career a long time ago to become an educator and a life coach. He considers the competitive tests of GMAT and GRE type are a powerful springboard to launch yourself.

“ …. is the best best GMAT coach I was lucky to find all by chance. When I started with him I had been drifting along with an ordinary score range of 350 - 500 on several attempts. He introduced me to a new world of GMAT. He became half my GMAT coach and half ‘life coach’. My GMAT 740 would have never been possible without him ….”

 - Sergey

Experience: 15 years

About me


A GMAT course covering all parts of the test: GMAT Quantitative, GMAT Verbal, GMAT Analytical Writing and GMAT Integrated Reasoning; customized to the core to suit your target GMAT score employing time-tested and innovative GMAT techniques to make the best out of your GMAT practice effort.

Complete GMAT preparation course delivered online.

It’s no child’s play. You need to be serious about your GMAT. However. it does not mean that GMAT is unwinnable. Believe me. With the right GMAT strategy, GMAT effort and TIME management skills your target GMAT score becomes a possibility.

The tutor has devised his own set of GMAT tools for each area of the test. Whether it is GMAT Quantitative, GMAT Verbal, GMAT Analytical Writing or GMAT Integrated Reasoning, there are techniques, methods and approaches that will take you through your GMAT Score challenge step by step.

Let’s have a quick look at few of such time tested GMAT strategies that you never get anywhere else.

GMAT Quantitative

In this section, the GMAT tests your ability to reason with quantities. The GMAT does not expect you to have an advanced math knowledge; all it takes is to have 'less than high school level math'. Nevertheless, GMAT tests your ability to use these basic mathematical concepts efficiently and effectively. There is, of course, a definite amount of math you need to have ready to deploy at anytime in your GMAT. Being confident that you know all of the GMAT Math and you have it all  at your ready command is one essential weapon against the GMAT Time Battle.

This tutor has developed GMAT MATH THREE HOUR CHALLENGE (GM3HC) to make sure you have all the GMAT Math anytime available. It is  a rapid revision strategy that you go through at least twice a week during your GMAT preparation.

A sea of math means nothing in GMAT unless you have built the speed. GMAT THREE ROUNDS (GTR) is the sure fire method to master speed and rapid response essential for your GMAT victory in both GMAT Problem Solving and GMAT Data Sufficiency questions.

GMAT Verbal - GMAT Reading

GMAT Reading will rob your time if you can not read highly selectively. Laser sharp focus on reading with a purpose can win your day. Sure, you will have to turn your less effective reading habit into an objective based GMAT oriented reading. The Objective Based GMAT Reading will be one the most powerful techniques you will develop in your GMAT practice with this tutor.

GMAT Verbal - GMAT Critical Reasoning

GMAT Critical Reasoning is one of the most challenging to some GMAT test takers, but with no real reason. Experience has taught us that GMAT Critical Reasoning questions are nothing but just another set of reading questions with a little Critical Thinking on your part.

GMAT Critical Reasoning Frame is the technique this tutor has developed to win the battle of GMAT Critical Reasoning questions. The GCRF is a highly effective visualization technique that puts all possible GMAT Critical Reasoning question types into a mind map.

GMAT Verbal - GMAT Sentence Correction

GMAT Sentence Correction needs a little insight into the GMAT grammar plus a large dose of ‘gut feeling’. In GMAT Sentence Correction, the tutor has developed the GMAT READING - REVERSED 80-20 STRATEGY. In this strategy you will learn by ‘going from details to specifics’.

GMAT Analytical Writing

GMAT Analytical Writing is one seemingly hostile GMAT territory that can be made extremely amiable by adopting one strategy called GMAT ANALYTICAL WRITING PANACEA which develops a steady, stable and comprehensive system that works for almost any GMAT Argument.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning, the latest addition to the GMAT that actually requires all the skills in GMAT Quantitative and GMAT Verbal. GMAT Integrated Reasoning can be made into another reading matter with certain essential skills well in place. GMAT Integrated Reasoning is nothing but your ability to think through some information and data presented in different formats and sift and sort them to find a logical answer.A  combined approach that employ your GMAT Quantitative and Verbal skills will help you win the game.

GMAT Reference Materials

The following standard publications will be used in your coaching program with this tutor. Depending on your specific requirement and your level, the materials selected and the depth of coverage can change.

  • The Official GMAT Review

  • The Official Verbal Review

  • The Official Quantitative Review

  • The GMAT Math Bible

  • The GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

  • Manhattan GMAT Study Guides Series

Please note that the mention of commercial entities such as GMAT, MANHATTAN, KAPLAN and BARRON’S do not imply that the course described here has any endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship from any of these commercial publishers and test preparation services.

Now it’s your time.