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nick bob77
country Philippines
languages English, Tagalog


BS Information Management-Adventist University of the Philipines 2007; MAEd Major in Administration and Supervision-Adventist University of the Philippines-in progress.

Experience: 3 years

About me

Are you thirsty and hungry of the English lesson? Do you need to improve your English skills? No time to study English in a formal school? Got a PC and Headset at home? If your answers to the questions above are all YES, then you have come to the right page. I am teacher Bob. I have been a buddyschool tutor since 2006. I have 6 years of solid ESL teaching experience offline, 3 years English Learning School Director, and more than 2 years online experience. I have conducted several lessons here with students from different countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, Italy & Canada). I did not concentrate on teaching online for few months/year because I have a regular offline ESL teaching job. When one of my students came back and requested me to help her in developing here English skills, I decided to return to this online job. Besides, I really like teaching. I offer lively and interactive classes wherein student will not only be helped from the lessons they need to learn but also help them participate and involved in the class discussion, exercises and practices and activities. Developing the Listening, Speaking, and Reading skills are my core values. Concentrating in these areas would let students accelerate in their English level at a very short time. Constant practice and participation will also be great help. In an interactive class environment, the students will be able not only to learn & study new things but also to use their capacity and knowledge regarding the lesson in a real situation by using new words in a sentence in their daily conversation. My lesson package includes the following at the price of one. YES! At the price of one! No additional charges except for the some special books that will be used in the course (Students will be informed when necessary): Speaking—the students will be required to take part of the class discussion that would let them use their speaking ability. This class will also measure students’ capacity in speaking. Listening—one of the most important areas in any leanings; listening is very important. In this class, the students will be able to actively participate and be part of the class by exercising and practicing their listening capacity. Vocabulary—leaning new words that are necessary in their daily conversation and will also be applicable to their daily lives Grammar—learn the basic rules and usage of the language Reading with comprehension & Conversation—the application of all the things the students has learned every session. Practice & Exercises—to evaluate the students stored knowledge and understanding of the students. The price applies only to MEGA PACK. Single lesson will also be accepted as long as it is at least 5 lessons with different price. PRICING 7-in-1 ENGLISH MEGA Pack 1 (total of 25 hours) Economy Package—$10.00 per hour (0% off) 7-in-1 ENGLISH MEGA Pack 2 (total of 50 hours) Regular package—$ 9.00 per hour (10% off) 7-in-1 ENGLISH MEGA Pack 3 (total of 75 hours) Ultimate Package—$8.00 per hour (20% off) 7-in-1 ENGLISH MEGA Pack 4 (total of 100 hours) Best Value Package—$6.50 per hour (35% off) Single/per subject (as mentioned in the package) lesson offered at $10.00 per 30 minutes session; once every day. Book and pay in advance to get our biggest discount of the lessons. Pay less, get more! I can assure you with all my lessons, the quality is not sacrificed. BOOKS included FREE: Grammar, Vocabulary To be paid Listening & speaking (price will be discussed). All lessons come with a 30-minute FREE lesson before the booking or before the actual class. First come, first serve basis. For more information: Call me on skype: ebob77 Website will soon be published for more learning materials.