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Our Lord Jesus said: I am Your Savior, I paid the price for your soul. ONLY THE BIBLE LESSONS IS FREE m

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PORNOGRAPHY, THE DESTROYER OF MARRIED COUPLE. GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY !LEARN HOW! FREE BIBLE Please, CHECK THIS WEB SITE. IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. S'IL VOUS PLAIT, VÉRIFIEZ CE WEB. IL CONTIENT DES INFORMATIONS IMPORTANTES POUR VOUS ET VOTRE FAMILLE. PER FAVORE, VERIFICATE QUESTO WEB. CONTIENE LE INFORMAZIONI IMPORTANTI PER VOI E LA VOSTRA FAMIGLIA. Search this website in Yahoo, Google, MSN, Recherchez ce site Web dans Yahoo, Google, MSN, Cerchi questo Web site in Yahoo, Google, MSN, Busque este Web site en Yahoo, Google, MSN, PORNOGRAPHY, THE DESTROYER OF MARRIED COUPLE. Psalm 127 A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon. 1 Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. This page contains valuable resources to help married couple, single, young people, and families. Our problems are: MONEY, SEX, EATING, and POWER. Our families are destroyed by countless divorces because we build them without God. Therefore, we do not know how to handle our lives, our money. Some of us who are working, when they get their pay check, rather to bring the money at home, they will go in the nearest bar to waste money with prostitutes, watching all kind of dirty video, or the strippers (prostitutes who dance without clothes to expose their bodies). All this, is made with strong drinks, tobacco, drugs. Before the sun rise, all the money is gone, and a prostitute is not a wife, she works for money, if you want to get her, you must have the money ready at all time. So, these wicked people go back at home to meet their families with empty hands! Bills are waiting to be paid, children must go to school, and their wives must provide meals for their families. But, there is not enough money, because, the husband did not bring in the pay check! Now the devil will control all the family. The wife will lose the desire to sleep with her husband, because, there is an Italian proverb which says “who does not work, can not make love,” this will push the man completely in the porn bar and prostitutes. Finally, he will not have any more money and will lose the desire to go to work. After being fired from his job, the divorce will follow, if it was not earlier made. In this situation, he will finish its days in prison or homeless and mostly full of diseases. His wife will try to get something else outside there, if she didn’t think earlier. Most of the time, she will meet only gigolo, a person who does sex with another person for money, a man or a woman prostitutes. This will be the end of the family, because, if she is working, all her money will also end up in the hands of these special prostitutes. She will be disappointed, if she can not afford any more to pay these prostitutes, she will stop and find an alternative way to keep going. Alternative way ACOHOL DRUG EATING DISORDER DOG AND CAT, Mostly its children. (To satisfy her need of sex) Now, the children, boys and girls have watched everything, all these pornographies and magazines which the father was watching at home perhaps with their mother. You may say they were little children once again; it is the time in which your child watches more, what you do than what you say to him. He looks in all places where you keep all these dirty movies, your closet, computer and everywhere, when you are not home. Often, the father makes sex with his daughter, or abuses boys after watching these dirty movies with them. Pay attention, when your husband stays long hours with your child in the basement or in his office at home. For some families, it doesn’t make a difference. Husband and wife agree to do so with their children at the same time. All this, is called “Sin, Incest.” Now when the family is destroyed like this, it is the time to put in practice what the children learned. The older will abuse the younger to make sex. This situation may have been taking place before, but, you did not pay attention, it can continue until they become adults. There are many girls who were put pregnant by their brothers and many mothers also who were put pregnant by their children. It is common to see a father who made children with his daughters. (Sin, Incest) Therefore, they will have drug or alcohol problems, sexually transmitted diseases and beaten with immoral images, girls will become pregnant in their earlier age and they will be destroyed. This can happen also if the family didn’t divorce, because, the family has enough money to keep going. For single people who fall in this trap, they will never build a family, also, if they have enough money to do so. Most of them are candidates to become homosexuals or lesbians. Also, the children of those families which live as what we saw here above are candidates. All this happen, because, we refuse to obey our God. So, he leaves us go in our wicked way, the result is a disaster! We need God to overcome all these traps. It is not easy! We are not fighting against flesh and blood; we are fighting against demoniac spirits. When satan rebelled against God in heaven, he corrupted some of angels who went with him and were thrown down here on earth. They have had access in this world when they tempted Adam and Eve and they succeeded. Therefore, satan became the chief of the demons and because they can not create human being to live in him, (They are bad spirits; they need a physical form to operate), they have put all over the world all these insane things (Porn, drugs, Pride, Lie, and so on) to have access in our body and destroy us. When you are a porn, drug addict or homosexual, you are dealing with demons! You are a demons possessed person! You do not need only help from specialized doctors. You need the Lord Jesus Christ first! Only God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can help you out. God is Spirit, the Creator of all spirits and human being. He created us to live in us and glorify Himself. He will not harm us if we remain His obedient children. His purpose was not to punish us, but, to make us live in peace and in love with Him. Let us turn back to Him and confess our sins, He is faithful and He will forgive and heal us. John 4:24 God is Spirit and those who worship God must be led by the Spirit to worship Him according to the truth. Two Men with Demons in Them Matthew 8:34 28 After Jesus had crossed the lake; he came to shore near the town of Gadara and started down the road. Two men with demons in them came to him from the tombs. They were so fierce that no one could travel that way. 29 Suddenly they shouted, "Jesus, Son of God, what do you want with us? Have you come to punish us before our time?" 3