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nick lithe
country India
languages Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Hindi, Rajasthani


Bachelor of Science 1st year Still working on this success literature for four years. People all over the globe have been knocking at my door for counselings session and get them through the downs of their life. their experiences have motivated me to dive into this field and help people to come out of it. Reach success

Experience: 4 years

About me

What does term security signifies? The moment we hear security some kind of object of trust come into our mind, things we can rely on. You might have experienced it when you go to the bank and ask for a loan. They say we don’t trust you, simply they say human beings have no guarantee and they can’t issue loan just in your name for the sake. So in against their money they give you they ask for collateral and something which they can be assured that giving you loan is safe and even if you can’t pay back then, they take away the collateral you have kept against your loan. This collateral is kind of security that assures your truth, your value and you being genuine in your approach. It’s kind of trust. Security in general assurance, how much you assure a person one’s state being as one was when one approached you. The trust that person have in you and the confidence he shows. Security is the fundamental requirement which a person seeks when he lays his hand into some work. People loses their self esteem and quits but here is your savior who is here to take you to new heights of success. Its a new design developed where you use world for your own good..!! Revolutionize yourself