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[INACTIVE]ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1 to 5 - Marking/Correcting of exercises via Email

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nick teoani
country Singapore
languages Chinese, English, German


- Holds ABRSM Music Theory Grade 6 certificate - Scored Distinctions in both Grade 4 and Grade 5 Music Theory exams through self-instruction - On track for ABRSM Piano Grade 8 and higher grades of Music Theory - Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

Experience: 6 years

About me

[NOW INACTIVE DUE TO OVERWHELMING WORKLOAD. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY LESSON] If you are self-studying or preparing for ABRSM Music Theory Grades 1 to 5, and need someone to check your work, send me your completed exercises via Email, and I will correct them, and send them via Email back to you. FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD! This is time-saving, and you only need to spend money on exercises you need help on. ONE FREE email is available as a test lesson, with maximum 15 exercises to be corrected. To start learning: 1) Contact me and schedule a lesson anytime on the available date through BuddySchool. 2) Send me an email (BuddySchool Message or private Email account possible) with the exercises attached (as image file etc). You can also ask questions about the topic of exercise. 3) I will reply within 3 days with the corrected exercises. If the corrected set contains very few exercises, I will attach additional exercises of the same category that I will correct without extra charges. 4) Where appropriate, I will send resources that supplements the topic of interest. Notes: - Each email is tracked as ONE hour of instruction. Emails will only be replied when a lesson is scheduled. - Each email should contain only a maximum of 30 exercises to be corrected. Where the number of exercises exceed 30, extra charges will be incurred due to the extra time required to correct them.