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nick sebastw
country Canada
languages English, French, Spanish


EMPLOYMENT Lecturer of Spanish, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) 2007 English teacher, Collège Bois de Boulogne (Montreal) 2008- Research consultant and web designer (TÉLUQ, l’Université à distance de l’UQAM) 2007 English and Spanish teacher, Cégep de St Laurent, (Montreal, Quebec) 2005 Spanish teacher, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 2003 Translator -Guide de Voyages Ulysses-, (Montreal, Quebec) 2002 Spanish, English and French teacher, Académie Linguistique (Montreal, Quebec) 2000 Spanish, English and French teacher, Ecole Grandmaison (Montreal, Quebec) 2000 Spanish, English and French teacher, Excelangue (Montreal, Quebec) 2000 English teacher, U.S. Ultimate System (Argentina, Buenos Aires) 1998-1999 English teacher, Berlitz school, (Argentina, Buenos Aires) 1993-1995 Legal interpreter, Abe Gomez- Interpreting Services, (Chicago, Illinois) 1990-1991 Trilingual international operator, Entel (Buenos-Aires Argentina) 1987-1989 EDUCATION M.A. in Hispanic literature (Dissertation: “El lector modelo en El Quijote, written under the supervision of Professor Richard Patry and Javier Rubiera) University of Minnesota / Université de Montréal 2007 B.A. in English Literature 2003 Concordia University (Montreal) Baccalauréat : Lettres et littérature 1990 Lycée franco-argentin Jean Mermoz (Argentine) TRAINING AND SPECIALIZATION Edelsa certified training for Spanish teachers: 2007 (Centros de recursos del Español sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Montreal) Seminar in linguistics (discourse analysis) 2006 (Université de Montréal) Seminar in Sociolinguistics 2005 (Université de Montréal) Seminar : Teaching Spanish as a second language 2003 (University of Minnesota) Workshop : English teaching methodology 1995 London Lab (Argentina, Buenos Aires) Training: Teaching English as a second language 1993 Berlitz School (Argentina) PUBLICATIONS « La invención del multiculturalismo », Procesos interculturales ed. Juan Carlos Godenzzi, Tinkuy : Boletín de investigación y debate. Montréal : Université de Montréal, 2005, 1 : 17-26. « Reivindicación histórica y natural de los criollos ilustrados en el Mercurio Peruano: el despertar de una “conciencia de sí” en el Perú del siglo XVIII » Tinkuy : Boletín de investigación y debate. Montréal : Université de Montréal, 2007, 1 :

Experience: 10 years

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Come and join one of my live multi-party video conference classes and improve your English, French or Spanish. I m a highly-qualified instructor from Canada. I am also perfectly trilingual. You will be part of a virtual class where you willl meet people from around the world. It s fun and simple. COME AND TEST IT FOR FREE pls. reply to for more info