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1 to 1 - ENGLISH Grammar, Vocabulary and WRITING Techniques- EXAMS

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nick ENGLISH_Helping
country Argentina
languages English, Spanish


The Tutor is a fully qualified Teacher (Joaquín V. Gonzalez Degree) Especialized in Language (UTN) and History (Lenguas Vivas)

Experience: 12 years

About me

You will be tutored by a fully qualified Teacher of English who enjoys teaching all ages. Improve your grammar and vocabulary! Develop successful writing techniques. Practise your pronunciation and improve your fluency. Practice for your INTERNATIONAL EXAMS (FCE, TOEFL, IGCSE, IB) The Tutor has a vast experience as teacher and coordinator of Institute Helping North. You may visit our website: www.helpingnorth.com.ar Helping North was created with the idea of teaching English in a professional way at students´ homes. It was set up in the northern suburbs of Great Buenos Aires when its founders saw the need to offer some kind of “educational delivery service” to the people living in this area. In fact, it was clearly seen that most people interested in learning English in this region often needed something that went beyond the mere teaching of a language- they actually needed a service that could be taken to their place and at the time they could spare. So far, students have had to waste time traveling from one place to another to attend crowded classes, with people with different interests, at inconvenient times. This fact has often resulted in students quitting courses before they could reach their objectives-that is to say, it has often resulted in personal frustration. In order to help students avoid all these inconveniences, our service is taken to their place, even when they live in private neighborhoods in the northern suburbs. Helping North was founded by Ms Paula Ledesma, Teacher of English, and Mr Martín Liserre Moreno, Businessman. Both founders were able to experience the importance of teaching and learning a language in a place where you feel at ease. They actually claim that the application of up-dated methods combined with professionally trained staff, hard work and the comfort of the place the students choose to study result in an effective acquisition of the language. We have set as our aim to help students achieve success in learning the language, whether they need it for school, work or just for personal satisfaction. For this reason, we accompany students along the learning process from the very beginning, by setting clear objectives and organizing their personal syllabi catering for their individual needs. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to provide our servise also online!