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nick Barnet
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Clarification about my ONLY negative comment: - “Stanmurphy” is a FRAUD, please avoid being VICTIMISED!! - “Stanmurphy” changed his hourly rate from US$12 to GBP12 right after I had contacted him, and he asked me to pay for 10 lessons via Paypal in advance. (“Stanmurphy” has now changed it to GBP10 (see attached screenshot). Did “Stanmurphy” do this so that he can cheat more students with this changed price?) - I found Stanmurphy’s Paypal account did not accept payment in GBP but in USD or Thai Baht. (“Stanmurphy” told me his Paypal account only accepted GBP payment and Buddyschool had mistaken his currency setting?) - “Stanmurphy” asked me to make further payment after I had paid for 10 lessons. - “Stanmurphy” did not reply to my Buddyschool messages for a long time and unwillingly gave the first lesson after I told him I would take action against the fraud. (“Stanmurphy” told me he was highly experienced and had 23 online students, but my three years’ online English study experience and the way “Stanmurphy” behaved during the lesson told me otherwise?) - “Stanmurphy” skipped several lessons and left me a negative comment after I had asked for a refund of the 9 lessons ungiven. - I will take action against “Stanmurphy” and will let know the result here. P. S. 1. During the first lesson, “Stanmurphy” only sent me a list of IELTS questions asking me to describe my city. I ended up speaking to/practicing only with myself. I wanted to make the first lesson a relaxed one and so suggested discussing current issues, by which “Stanmurphy” could also assess my English level and was more interesting/less boring. 2. I am an advanced student who can only improve by practicing. (“Stanmurphy” said he had "4 years" of teaching experience but did not seem to know this?) 3. Before “Stanmurphy” left me the negative comment, I had sent “Stanmurphy” a Buddyschool message suggesting studying IPA in the next lesson and had prepared a list of 12 questions. 4. “Stanmurphy” was very pessimistic during the lesson and seemed like wanting to cry right from his first “hello”. "Stanmurphy” also repeatedly said people nowadays ONLY think about MAKING MONEY. (Is this because it is Stanmurphy’s motto? Does he make or CHEAT money?) 5. Please see Stanmurphy’s other negative comment: “Stanmurphy” has cheated money online before! I sincerely hope no more students will be victimised. (Please inform you friends who want to or are learning English online!) Stanmurphy's profile: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Student Profile: I am looking for a native English teacher who has a microphone and clear English accent and can help me with my English mainly in the following areas. Speaking: accent development, speaking English in a native and natural way Writing: mainly journalism English Reading: understanding vocabulary and complex sentence structures and using them