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Master of Arts in Teaching (Major in English), in progress, SKPSC Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, in progress (19 units), Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies · AIIAS (pronounced “I-Us”) is a graduate level educational institution of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, based in Maryland, USA. It is a sister school of Andrews University in Michigan. Master of Arts in Religion, major in Biblical Studies (with emphasis on Old Testament) (54 units, completed all academic requirements), 2004, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies · The degree deals more on the reading, translation, exegesis and interpretation of the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages into English, which are areas of semantics, linguistics and philology Certificate in TESOL, October 2006, APEC International College. It is affiliated with APEC University. Bachelor of Arts in Theology, March 1994, Mountain View College. It is a part of the educational system of the Seventh-Day Adventists.

Experience: 11 years

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Do you want to speak fluently and accurately? That's everyone's desire. Try the secret of my method called "Speak English Online!" Discover something unique and you won't regret that it's worth every penny. Most ESL learners develop either one of the two extremes: accuracy or fluency. One can be fluent, but not so accurate. Another can be accurate, but not so fluent. Being both accurate and fluent is the characteristic of first language speakers, the so-called "native speakers". I am sensitive to both needs. So I exactly know how to facilitate you to reach your goals. Why you should enroll at "Speak English Online!"? 1. Appropriate lessons for your learning needs, level and styles 2. Flexible schedule at your own time and place 3. Frees you from the hassle of traffic and problems in going to an actual classroom environment 4. Saves time and money from going to an English-speaking country 5. Unlimited learning resources that are not readily available in an actual conventional classroom 6. Fun learning activities that allow you to take risk in demonstrating your language skills 7. Caring, understanding and sensitive tutor to your learning needs 8. Tutor proficiently models speaking/producing the right English sounds 9. Tutor excellently models learning activities using English as the target language 10. Experienced and qualified tutor I have taught students of any levels, mostly university and adults: 6 years with Korean students 1 year with Chinese 4 years with Thais Here's how you schedule a lesson: 1. Go to my profile page ( yllorco ). 2. Check my calendar to see my availability. 3. Fill out the APPLICATION FORM at http://speakenglishonline.weebly.com/application.html 4. Come back to this BuddySchool Profile page again, and click "Schedule single lesson" and select day and time. 5. Send a message of the specified date and time to me, along with the following details: a. Occupation b. Highest Educational Attainment: c. Level of English Proficiency: d. Specific subject/lesson you want to learn: (Please fill out the APPLICATION FORM at http://speakenglishonline.weebly.com/application.html for you to avail of a quality lesson for your need and level.) e. Reasons for study 6. Wait for my approval message and BuddySchool's reminder when to start lesson. 7. Send payment within 24 hours after you received my approval. 8. Download Skype for FREE via www.skype.com and sign up for an ID and send it to me. Let's get started, then. SELECT ANY SUBJECT BELOW: SURVIVAL ENGLISH BASIC TO ADVANCED GRAMMAR BASIC TO ADVANCED WRITING -->academic writing, term paper, thesis BASIC TO ADVANCED LISTENING BASIC TO ADVANCED READING BASIC TO ADVANCED SPEAKING -->e.g. phonology (i.e. phonetics, vowel reduction, word/sentence stress, American accent training, speech fluency) BASIC TO ADVANCED VOCABULARY BUILDING -->e.g. idiomatic expressions PREPARATION FOR STANDARDIZED TESTS -->e.g. Michigan Test/TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH BUSINESS ENGLISH ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES Please don't forget to fill out the APPLICATION form at: http://speakenglishonline.weebly.com/application.html