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Business / Finance & Accounting

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nick cobbyplange
country Germany
languages English, German


Masters in International and Development Economics from University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, German - pending Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Administration (Majored in Banking and Finance) from University of Ghana

Experience: 5 years

About me

The pleasure of teaching this course about a subject that you enjoy and find exciting. As a tutor, I hope that I can pass to the students not knowledge but also the excitement that I feel for the subject, INVESTMENT. In addition, teaching about Investment brings an added stimulant because the subject can affect the student during his or her entire life. I hope what the students derive from this course will help them enjoy better lives because they will have learned how to manage their resources properly. The purpose of this course is to help you understand how to manage your money so that you will derive the maximum benefits from what you earn. To accomplish this purpose, you need to learn about the investment alternatives that are available today, and, more importantly, you must develop a way of analyzing and thinking about investments that will remain with you in the years ahead when new and different opportunities become available. Because of its dual purpose, the course mixes description and theory. Under the descriptive material I will discuss available investment instruments and consider the purpose and operation of capital markets in the United States and around the world. The theoretical portion details how you should evaluate current investments and future opportunities so that you can construct a portfolio of investments that will satisfy your risk-return objectives. Course Outline Day 1: The Investment Setting Day 2: Return and Risk Basics Day 3: Selecting Investments in a Global Market Day 4: Mutual Funds and Other managed Investments Day 5: Asset Allocation Decision Day 6: Organization and Functional of securities Markets Day 7: Security-Market Indicator Series Day 8: An Introduction to Portfolio Management Day 9: An introduction to Asset Pricing Models Day 10: Efficient Capital Markets Day 11: An Introduction to Derivative Instruments Day 12: Derivatives: Analysis and Valuation Day 13: Economic and Industry Analysis Day 14: Analysis of Financial Statement Day 15: Company Analysis and Stock Valuation Day 16: Technical Analysis Day 17: Equity-Portfolio Management Day 18: Fixed-Income Analysis Day 19: Fixed-Income Portfolio Management Day 20: Evaluation of Portfolio Management