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nick thiemaira
country Argentina
languages Portuguese


UFMG Letras Lincenciatura

Experience: 8 years

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Hello!! I have been teaching languages for 8 years. What I do is simple: I teach based on three different approaches, 1. Communicative Approach (effective communication rather than structures should be priviledged). 2. Functionalism: instead of organizing content based on Grammar, I do it based on functions. For example, instead of having a class on a particular verb tense, you will l have a class on HOW TO ask for information, leave a message, give opinions, etc. 3. Task based: here the language is the means to something, as it happens in real life. You will use language to book a flight or an appointment, make a reservation, learn about the culture. What most teachers do is give you exercises only. Exercises are important, and they are meant to practice the language, their goal is the LANGUAGE, whereas a task aims something else, that is, you will use the target language to accomplish some goal, for example bake a cake using a recipe in the language or creating a profile in Orkut (Brazilian facebook). Therefore, taks and exercises should be balanced off. Appart from that, I use my own material that is developed using realia like soap operas, advertisements, interviews, etc. My main goal is to promote interactive, motivating, fun classes that will actually prepare you to interact to natives or non-natives who speak Portuguese. I believe that grammar can be taught in context and effective communication rather than traditionalist exercises is the means to learning. What makes me a good option is that I know what I am doing, I am a specialist and a native Brazilian. So if you feel like learning today, just contact me!! Agente se vê por aqui!! Abraçcos, Thie