Conversational English (Beginner Level)

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nick onlinenglish
country Philippines
languages English, Spanish


Degree Holder: ( Master of Arts in Teaching, Major in English) from the Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo Campus, San Pablo City, Philippines

Experience: 10 years

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- Enroll today! Special Summer Price: Just 10.00 US$ for one lesson in 1 hour. 20 Easy Lessons designed to develop oral and listening skills. Student applying for a lesson can pay via paypal at or bank account Requirements: -Bilingual Edition Format English Dictionary e.g. English-Japanese Dictionary, English-Korean Dictionary, or English-Spanish-Dictionary... All Citizens are Welcome! - Installed Skype, must have speakers and microphone - Internet connection and basic computer skills If you intent to take some lessons with me please let me know, at least 3 days before lesson proper. Lesson Title Lesson 1 What's Your Name? Lesson 2 It's A Pen Lesson 3 What's Your Address? Lesson 4 What Time Is It? Lesson 5 What Is HE/SHE? Lesson 6 What's His Name? Lesson 7 What Are They? Lesson 8 Where Are You from? Lesson 9 It's 1:15/1:45 Lesson 10 What Day Is It? Lesson 11 How Much Is It? Lesson 12 What's This/That? Lesson 13 It's An Apple Lesson 14 What Are These/Those? Lesson 15 He's At The Bank Lesson 16 He's Here/There Lesson 17 Where Are My Shoes? Lesson 18 Is A Kitchen Lesson 19 The Family Lesson 20 At School Note: Please specify Time: 10Am-11Am;2Pm-3Pm; 5pm-6pm, 4pm-5pm; etc., and days. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun). If you purchase lessons 1 to 20 (1 Package) you get 5% discount. Teacher's Available Time: Mon,10Am-11Am Tue, 2Pm-3Pm Wed, 5Pm-6Pm Thur, 10Am-11Am Fri, 4Pm-5Pm Sat, 2Pm-3Pm Sun, 2Pm-3Pm Bonus: 1 hour Free Trial Teacher's Contact Details: Skype Id: reinaldo.avalos Yahoo Messenger: solava_2003 Mobile: +639185012622 Happy Learning : ) :) Online English Teacher, Aldo :)