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nick eloquence
country Estonia
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IH CELTA (1998) Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults BA International Business (1999) LCCIEB Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English (pass with distinction, Dec 2002) MA Educational Technology & TESOL (2007-2010, Manchester, UK) feel free to read more about my education, qualifications and experience on my website http://www.englishlab.net/onli ne-english-teacher.html

Experience: 12 years

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I teach online using cutting-edge educational technology - you will get a VIP course in the EnglishLab.Net - Virtual Classroom - http://www.englishlab.net/moodle You can always have simple conversation classes - see the descriptions of available conversation courses for more detail, please - http://www.englishlab.net/english-conversation-classes.html Your courseware will feature not only Skype-mediated tutorials, but also tailor-made interactive grammar, vocabulary and listening quizzes, a VIP forum where you will be able to post your questions between lessons, downloadable worksheets, audio, images - you name it. Your tutor will make sure you have your money worth. Exam preparation is no easy task and usually takes time. You can choose between standalone lessons (EUR 7 per hour, PayPal or Western Union) and YEAR_ROUND courses. If you book a 140-hour course (will have to use the time within 365 days from the day of purchase), you will get a discount (EUR 4 per hour, Western Union). Days and clock times are always negotiable. If you need to boost your IELTS score, I can offer you an IELTS Speaking Preparation course http://www.englishlab.net/english-for-exams/103-eap-english-for-ielts-speaking-module.html You can also take Academic or General Writing lessons, and have your graph descriptions, letters or essays proofread and your writing skills honed to perfection. If you have a Second Life ID, you can have your lessons there, too! Those would be English lessons with a difference:) If you wish to study English for Business, I have a menu of courses and topics for you to choose from 1. English for Work: Applying for a Job (CV/Resume Writing & Job Interview Tutoring) http://www.englishlab.net/job-interview-tutoring.html 2. English for Information, Communication & Educational Technology http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/99-english-for-it-ict-educational-technology.html 3. English for Marketing & Advertising http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/96-english-for-marketing-and-advertising.html 4. English for Personnel Managers (Human Resource Management) http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/95-english-for-personnel-managers-human-resource-management.html 5. English for Real Estate Brokers http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/93-english-for-real-estate-brokers.html 6. English for the Restaurant Industry http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/82-english-for-personnel-managers-human-resources-.html 7. English for Banking, Accountancy and Finance http://www.englishlab.net/online-english-lessons/80-english-for-banking-accountancy-and-finance.html FREE RESOURCES FREE Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises Online http://www.englishlab.net/englishlabnet-quizzes.html FREE Online Dictionaries http://englishlab.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=199 FREE Listening Resources Online http://englishlab.net/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=633