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30-60 hour Accent Reduction Training for Asians, Latin Americans and Eastern Europeans

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30.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Accent.Reduction
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Accent Reduction Team: Ann Kauffman, Jamie Jaramillo & Mark Kauffman Language professionals and audio specialists with over 25 years of experience in fine-tuning pronunciation, crafting translations to fit industry, reader and audience angles, language instruction, language institute management, course design, academic directing, proofreading and editing. Proven track record leading students and companies in shaping linguistic skills, creating bodies of translated company archives and improving communication with overseas clients to advance academics and business. Skilled at pinpointing and creating linguistic solutions to a variety of needs. Strong semantic and pragmatic linguistic abilities, as well as solid teaching proficiencies.

Experience: 25 years

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Our goal is to help create successful business people, confident and independent in their ability to carry out effective business. With your dedicated, one-on-one 30 to 60-hour course in Accent Reduction Training with visual memory, people will see you as a leader and pay attention to your ideas. Better pronunciation can result in incredible professional and linguistic progress. Accent Reduction Training is important for today’s global English environment. Accent Reduction Training with a small team of native-speaker instructors corrects your pronunciation and reduces your accent. This course also impacts your listening comprehension by enabling you to tune into pronunciation nuances when listening to other people, empowering your understanding of native speakers and absolutely boosting your confidence, which impacts your general fluency. The database of vocabulary used in this course is based on the 600 most common words in the English language, reinforcing English as a Second Language fundamentals. Most students can expect initial results after the first 3 hours of Accent Reduction Training and go on to having successfully achieved a substantially more native accent self-verifiable from the body of chronological archives created throughout the course.