Open Expression for Second-Language Users (Intermediate and Advanced Students)

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nick emponsaran
country Philippines
languages English, Tagalog


My education has paved the way for me to consider English as my second language and this has helped me in my career all throughout. Coming from an International school and a Catholic school run by nuns, it has also widened my knowledge about teenage problems and what they are going through, since I have been a teenager myself, most of the advices and options I give are based on my own experiences. Joining an International Service Organization has given me a chance to help out others who are in need especially those who need to express themselves in the English language with confidence. In that way, they wont experience what we call a "language barrier".

Experience: 2 years

About me

As we all know, teen-agers have a sophisticated view of the world and are quite articulate in their own language. But, unfortunately, in English they may have the confidence and vocabulary of a toddler. And that's where I offer my help for teen-agers to cope with precisely that dilemma. My purpose throughout is to encourage thinking and freedom of expression by setting forth an interesting "problem" that every teen is faced with, asking some key questions, and presenting a variety of different views on the subject. I encourage them to respond in whatever manner they feel appropriate, to agree or disagree with the opinions presented, and to offer solutions and insights of their own. There is no attempt to teach grammar - this is already being done quite well in the ordinary course of English classes - or to promote any particular point of view. Instead, I help out teen-agers using what I know as a tool for open expression by second-language users.