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nick Photini
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Bachelor of Arts degree in English, University of Georgia, 1990 (3.03 GPA) Art History & British History, Oriel College, Oxford University, honors program, summer 1989 Taught English as a Second Language in Ierapetra, Crete, summer 1991 [to children] Master of Arts in Teaching, emphasis on Humane Education & Character Development, Webster University, 2007 (3.96 GPA) [studies in both child & adult learning] Assistant Teacher, English as a Second Language (ESOL), Gulf Coast Community College*, Fall 2008 Adjust English Composition Instructor, Developmental Studies, Gulf Coast Community College*, Spring 2009 Currently enrolling as PhD student, Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration, Phoenix University, scheduled start for Fall 2009 I am an online teacher for HOW2ENG School Online, Shanghai, China. Additionally, I have been a private tutor since January of 2009. LETTER OF REFERENCE -- FOR MY TUTORING SERVICES -- AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. ACADEMIC LETTERS OF REFERENCE ALSO AVAILABLE. (*NOTE: My tutorial services are in no way affiliated with Gulf Coast Community College nor are they intended nor designed as a substitute for college courses.)

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See my reviews and degrees/certificates for credibility plus references available. CLICK & READ ON FOR THIS MESSAGE TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH, FRENCH, CHINESE, RUSSIAN, ITALIAN AND JAPANESE: ($8 per lesson or 10 lessons paid in advance for $75) EXPERIENCE IN BOTH CHILDREN'S EDUCATION AND ADULT EDUCATION) Specialty: INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED ENGLISH as a Second Language, Proofreading, Composition, Idioms (this one's fun!), American Culture and the Body Language that goes with it, British Literature, and assistance with APA/MLA essay formatting. MY ESL EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: A combination of liberal (Intellectual development takes center stage here, with lesson plans and courses designed to hone abilities of critical thinking and logic.), Behavioral (Education should instill “survival skills” in a student that they will be able to use to navigate any situation.) and Humanistic ( The humanistic approach says that the whole individual should be nurtured through education.) *I CARE ABOUT YOUR EDUCATION, BE IT PERSONAL/SELF-IMPROVEMENT OR ACADEMIC!* I will make what you're learning RELEVANT to you and your everyday life. YOU CAN EVEN EMAIL ME QUESTIONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR LESSON TIME AND I WILL RESPOND AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. FIRST, LET'S IDENTIFY YOUR LEARNING STYLE! I will ask you questions and have you take a quiz to let me know how you learn best -- you are an individual and I will suit my lessons to YOUR way of learning! I have the unique world perspective of having traveled to 11 countries and have lived in two (England and Crete). I had the honor of studying at Oxford University for a summer. What makes me unique? I'm FUN and I want to base my lesson plans on YOU and your SPECIFIC NEEDS AND WANTS from the course. Again, I will make your lessons relevant and useful, not just theoretical. What's your situation? Why do you want to learn English/Grammar/Composition/British Literature? What do you need proofreading and why? Do you want your lessons tailored to something really specific (such as emails/communicating online, travel, education, business, fundraising, nonprofits, animal welfare, politics, art history or Christian apologetics among many others?) Learn from someone who is well traveled, well educated and who understands diversity and the value of learning. (***NOTE*** To avoid any potential conflict of interest, I will NOT teach or tutor English as a Second Language -- ESOL, or Teach English as a Foreign Language -- TEFL --to any student in the nortwest Panhandle of Florida between Tallahassee and Pensacola so as not to compete in any way, potentially or in actuality, with Gulf Coast Community College's ESOL Program.) [Aprenda la cultura norteamericana y el idioma de cuerpo que va consigo. Apprendre la culture américaine et la langue de corps qui va avec cela. Lernen Sie amerikanische Kultur und die Körpersprache, die dazu passt. Imparare la cultura americana ed il linguaggio corporeo che va con questo. Leer Amerikaanse cultuur en de lichaamstaal die opdat gaan. Изучите американскую культуру и язык тела, который идет с этим. 学习美国文化和与它相配的手势语言。 アメリカの文化とそれに付随するボディーランゲージを学んでください。 ($8 USD por lección o 10 lecciones para $75) Especialidad: ¡La composición, los Idiomas (éste diversión)! & La Literatura inglesa - tengo la perspectiva extraordinaria de mundo de habiendo viajado a 11 países y ha vivido en dos (Inglaterra y Creta). Tuve el honor de estudiar en la Universidad de Oxford por un verano. ¿Qué me hace extraordinario? Soy DIVERTIDO y quiero basarse mis planes de estudio en USTED y en sus NECESIDADES Y las NECESIDADES ESPECIFICAS del curso. ¿Qué es su situación? ¿Por qué quiere usted aprender inglés/la Gramática/Composición/la Literatura inglesa? ¿Usted desea que hiciera a la medida a algo realmente específico (como viaje, la educación, la recaudación de fondos, no lucrativo, la protección de los animales, la Historia del Arte de la política o la apologética cristiana entre muchos otros)? Aprenda de alguien que es viajado bien, es educado bien y que comprende diversidad. ¡Primero, identifiquemos su estilo que aprende! (每课或者 8 节课的 10 美元对 75 美元)专业:作品,成语(这其嬉戏!) & 英国文学 - 我有旅行到了 11 个国家的独特的世界远景和生活在二中了(英格兰和克里特岛区)。我荣幸地持续一个夏天在牛津大学学习。 什么使我变得独特? 我是有趣的和我想在你和你的特定需要上设立我的教学计划和想要从课程。你的处境是什么? 你为什么想学习 English/Grammar/Composition/British 文学? 做你想要它专作到真的特定某物(例如旅行,教育,筹资,非赢利,动物的福利,在很多另外的中的政治艺术历史或者基督徒护教学?) 向好地被旅游,好地教育差异,理解差异的某人学习。 首先,让我们识别你的知识风格! ($8 par la leçon ou 10 leçons pour $75)