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Isparta University about Turkish Grammar

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AN ORDINARY STORY When his mother was pregnant with him, his mother had a dream. A holy man appeared in her dream, he was a huge man with a long white beard. He smiled and asked her, " How are you? " Aise answered, " I am fine thank you sir, I am waiting for the birth of my baby. " He said, "Yes, I know, his name is Ibrahim, and he will be a teacher." The year was 1958, and no-one knew the sex of the baby, at that time. He was born in six months, and his mother was amazed to see the baby really was a boy. His parents named him Ibrahim. He was their second born son, and he also had three sisters. Ibrahim's mother also had a grandson and a granddaughter. They were living in a small town, near the city of Gaziantep. His father's job was a barber. Sometimes barbers also worked as dentists. Ibrahim's father did not want him to become a barber, he would rather he went to the top schools. When he was about 5 or 6 years old, his father would bath him naked at the barber's shop. His dad always told him if he worked hard he would sell his jacket so that he could go to university. They spent a lot of time in the garden during the summer months. His sisters built a tree-house in the big Apricot tree. After dinner they stayed the night in the tree-house. They laughed a lot as they were up in the branches, while others were below them on the ground. On the farm his mother worked fast, and she was very strong too. She worked long and hard in the fields daily. One day his father brought o truck load of fertilizer home, and his mother spread it on the fields single handed. One neighbour watched as she worked until dark. He said to her "Aise, are you a woman or a machine!" When Ibrahim was a teenager, he helped his mother to work in the fields planting. They planted, Tomatoes, pomegranates, cucumbers and peppers. He hated this kind of work, and one day while they were digging, his mother got angry and said, "You must help me dig all day, you stupid boy! You have never liked this job...go to hell....you are useless!" His sisters were now all married, so they could not help. Ibrahim begged, "My hands are small, and red, and sore. We have to dig and water these plants twice a week! This job never ends!" When his mother told the neighbours about his future, he would get angry and shout, "It is not their business what I am going to do!" When he started primary school, he only weighed 18kgs, and his teachers would throw him in the air like a baby. He was very smart at school, and learned to read very quickly. One day his mother came to the school and spoke to his teacher. He heard his mother tell the teacher a holy man came to her in a dream, and told her Ibrahim would be a teacher. The teacher laughed, and he became very angry. His mother wore a long black robe and scarf, and only her eyes were visible, unlike his teacher. Ibrahim wondered why his mother was dressed in black from head to foot, while his teacher didn't even wear a scarf. He decided to learn to read and write as soon as possible. During his first year at school, the teacher came into the class and wrote a sentence on the blackboard. She did not speak at all, and no-one read the sentence except Ibrahim. He went to the teacher and whispered to her. "Congratulations!" she cried, "You are the only one to notice my deliberate mistake!" She hugged him close and said, "This book is your reward, it is about the Alphabet." The following year his teacher was re-assigned to Gaziantep. One day, when he was about eight years old, he visited his teacher in her new school. He did not like his school in his small town, as he had to change teachers four times in five years.