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nick gfewell
country South Africa
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I am a qualified Speech & Language Therapist. This means that I am a specialist language teacher. I have 7 years experience and have worked in the UK and South Africa. I teach language (e.g. voaculary, sentence construction, grammar) and speech sounds (e.g. specific sounds like /s/ or /th/). I have also completed an intensive TEFL course to enhance my teaching abilities with regard to teaching English as a second language .

Experience: 7 years

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This course is designed to help students who do a lot of writing. Maybe you need help with business letters or presentations. Maybe you just want to enhance your English writing skills to give you an edge in school/work. Each lesson targets a different writing skill. By the end of the course, you will be a confident writer! Lessons include: 1. Sentences and paragraphs The key to writing is to know what you want to say and then be able to express it well on paper. This lesson looks at the different types of sentences and when they should be used. We then move on to writing well constructed paragraphs. 2. Essays This lesson looks at how to write an essay. There are a few importants steps to writing and that is what this lesson covers. 3. Writing e-mails This lesson looks at the do's and don't's with regard to sending an appropriate business/work e-mail. 4. Friendly letter writing This lesson will focus on informal writing. We will look at writing: thank you notes, invitations, letters of condolence and apology letters. 5. Formal letter writing Do you write a lot of letters? Do you often wonder which side your address should be or how to end the letter? Then this class is for you. We will work through the rules of formal letter writing and practise writing letters. 6. General spelling rules English spelling can be complicated, there are rules and then there are even exceptions to those rules. This lesson will work through 12 general spelling rules to help you spell without having to grab a dictionary all the time. Lesson costs: 45 min: €9 60 min: €12