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Verbal Chinese (Junior or else)

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nick kevinll
country China
languages Chinese, English


Teacher's University--major of education I am a Chinese and is experienced and responsible for the teaching job. My major is education, as a teacher I taught students for many years. I has taught students from Russia, Canada, USA, etc. I can adjust the teaching according to the students and stimulate the students’ passion for learning. So if you have more time you can learn it well. I have taught Basic Chinese, Intensive Chinese, Business Chinese, etc. I have a solid foundation in both Chinese and English. With simple and suitable examples, I can explain the language points clearly.

Experience: 6 years

About me

Today, Chinese is becoming one of the most popular languages that people are studying and learning. The reason for this is that China is becoming extremely influential in the world’s business markets. knowing the language and its associated history and culture will be full of fun. A lot of people say that Chinese is difficult to learn, I think the main reason is memory difficult. Many foriegners who are living in China may feel the necessity to speak some Chinese. However, the tones which sound so meaningless, and characters which look like drawing, may discourage many of them much from learning the language. Again, it is important to remember that this language is tonal, and each word, when pronounced using the 4 different tones, will have a different meaning. Thus it is important to start with the right point. Later when you get used to the tones and characters, you may go on learning the language by yourself. You not only need to learn about the tones, you also have to learn about the Chinese characters, and these, then, need to be memorized.