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1995- 1999 Law Degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2007 to Present Villar Arregui Abogados – Madrid, Spain Lawyer in the departments of Civil, Commercial and Bankruptcy Law. 2006- February 2007 Miguel Pintos Abogados – Madrid, Spain Lawyer in areas of Commercial, Bankruptcy and Trusts and Estates Law. 1994-1995 Aldeasa. E mployee for the control and processing of inventory. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: Since December 2007 Lawyers Association “Colegiado en el Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid,” Spain. Since November 2007 Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. COURSES: January to March 2008 Instituto de Empresa, Spain Legal Course: “Telecommunications, Television, Radio and Internet Law.” 2003-2004 Estudios Registrales, Carlos Hernández Crespo, Spain Legal Course: “The situation of the crisis of the Business. Bankrupcy Law.” 2002-2006 Diverse seminars and practical cases about Trusts and Estates and Urban Development Law

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Hi. My name is Alvaro. I´m from Madrid (Spain), and I´m 33 years old. I love languages and, of course mine, the Spanish. I am improving my American English because it´s so important for my work (I´m a lawyer: ) and for my live and I want you to improve your Spanish, or to teach it. So what would you think if I propose you to learn or improve for free your Spanish with a man from Spain (the best accent) and, in exchange you help me to improve my American English? I´d like at least, three hours per week. Come on. Let me know! I´m pleasant and polite ************************** IMPORTANT: The class hours are in Spanish time, so for example, if you live in New York, there are 6 hours difference between you and me (For example: 4pm in Spain= 10am in New York) --------------------------------------------------------- Hola. Me llamo Álvaro. Soy de Madrid (España) y tengo 33 años. Me apasionan los idiomas y, por supuesto, el mío, el español. Estoy mejorando mi inglés americano porque es muy importante para mi trabajo (soy abogado) y para mi vida y quiero ayudarte a mejorar tu español o enseñártelo. Así que ¿qué pensarías si te propongo aprender inglés o mejorarlo de forma gratuita con un con un español (el mejor acento) y, a cambio, tú me ayudas con mi inglés americano? Me gustarían, al menos, tres horas por semana. ¡Venga! ¡Házmelo saber! Soy educado y simpático