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Petrozavodsk State University, Russia speciality: Teacher of Russian Language

Experience: 3 years

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My name is Irina. I'm eager to help you with your studying Russian Language online! I am Russian, but I live in Ukraine. I have been teaching Russian to speakers of other languages for the last 3 years, and I enjoy it very much. I am a teacher of Russian Language by education, I can speak fluent English also.I got my Diploma in Petrozavodsk State University, Russia. I teach private lessons to students from different countries in person and online. I am excited to teach foreign students so I can learn more about their culture while they can learn Russian Language from me naturally and with no efforts! Please, have a look at the description of my Lessons below: The greatest attention on my Russian Language Courses is paid to developing your spoken skills, which is 70% of the studying time. Also, 15% of the studying time is given to Grammar exercises and the rest 15% are aimed at developing your reading and written skills. My Lessons are individual and are based on live practice of speech with a native speaker. Depending on your basic knowledge of Russian and your goals you wish to achieve, the studying period may take a few months or more. Every Russian Language Course Level includes 40 Lessons (40 hours). The aim of the Course is advancing your level of Russian language and mastering it step-by-step. Depending on your Level of Russian, your goals and aims in studying it, you can choose any of the following Russian Language Courses Online: 1. Russian Language Course for beginners This Course is designed for the students, who have a strong desire to learn Russian Language. It is the first step for You on the way of mastering Russian Language! 2. Russian Language Course Intermediate This Course will suite for everybody, who has already had an experience in studying Russian Language, who knows the basics and has the minimum volume of russian words and expressions. 3. Russian Language Course Upper-Intermediate is recomended for everyone who has completed the first two Courses (please see above). The students are supposed to have good basics of Russian Language in order to lead a comprehesive talk with a native russian language speaker. 4. Russian Language Course Advanced is designed for the students with a good Level of Russian. It aims at practising your knowledge of the language and improving it by expanding your Russian Language lexocology in different areas. 5. Speaking Club "We speak Russian" is for everyone, who wants to improve his russian language skills and get a good spoken practice by ways of comunicating with a native speaker. Your results after finishing the Russian Language Courses: 1.Russian Language Course for beginners – you can read simple Russian texts, lead a conversation on simple topics. 2. Russian Language Course Intermediate - you can understand the general meaning of a conversation or a text, talk on simple topics, summarize the conversation heard or the text read. 3. Russian Language Course Upper-Intermediate - you can understand the full conversation heard or the text read, express your own opinion, describe things happened in a story, lead a correspondence of average complexity, 4. Russian Language Course Advanced – you can speak Russian fluently, pass a job interview in Russian, lead business and personal correspondence of any complexity, communicate with native speakers.