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Recent Testimonials of the service: “The things I really appreciate about your coaching style is that you can explain the material in a way which is logical and easy to follow particularly to people who have no financial or accounting background. Also you are respectful of where your client is coming from; you are very patient and calm - which helps people like me enormously! " Anne, Financial Accounting, University of Melbourne, Australia “I find your teaching style fantastic - you're very patient and understanding which is extremely important for someone who has never done accounting before. You explain the topics and underlying concepts clearly and then get me to approach questions on my own after you've explained the theory to me. Thank you for saving me from becoming a failure!” Sonya, Management Accounting, University of South Australia. "(Why?) has been my only logical way to understand Finance. Thanks to you for making Finance easier to absorb by thinking about the reasons behind financial concepts. This makes me in a position of asking myself: (Why) hasn't any uni lecturer explained Finance the way you do? Our lives as students would just be much happier :) Thank you Anish again" Suhad, Business Finance, Victoria, Saudi Arabia “It's really helpful to have someone who can explain Accounting to me in a sensible manner, especially when the university syllabus was progressing at a pace which made it necessary to memorise key concepts, without having time to fully understand them.” Charles, Accounting & Quickbooks, University of Melbourne, Singapore. “His "pedigree" of knowledge assisted me answers to my questions, and his skills set was very helpful indeed. Anish was a fantastic tutor and one which I recommend” Angela, Derivatives and Securities, Distance Education, WA “Anish way of teaching is very clear and concise. At first I knew nothing about Finance topics, I had absolutely no idea of what I was learning in the class, but as I started the 1st session with him everything started to make sense, he explained each topic explicitly and helped me a lot when it came to exams." Ivan, Fundamental of Finance, Deakin University, Indonesia “Anish is a fantastic, very patient tutor! He is incredibly competent and has extensive knowledge of all business finance concepts. I would highly recommend him for anybody seeking help.” Josh, Business Finance, Queensland University, Australia. “You have an excellent hold on the subject and you provide clarity to topics which help me to understand with lot of ease. Your style is simple yet flexible to suit student from any background to easily understand. Overall a very helpful person." Ajay, Financial Accounting - Aviation, RMIT, India "I do not know how can I ever thank this gentleman. Anish assisted me with International Finance and Control System Management. I guarantee you all, you will not find someone like him.” Hemo, International Finance, Victoria University, Saudi Arabia. “I was very impressed with Anish's teaching style from our first session. I didn't know much about the topic I was confronted with but have learnt more than I thought I would. Anish is very clear and concise when delivering information. More importantly, I didn't feel intimidated because of my lack of knowledge. As a consequence, I am able to meet my deadline without a headache and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tutor." Kathleen, Financial Statement Analysis,Kaplan, Australia. “Anish you are a life saver” Online Student, Accounting and Finance, Canada. “My learning experience over the last couple of sessions has been an overwhelmingly positive one. Anish is always punctual, clearly knows his accounting, teaches in a manner that doesn't frustrate students and is understanding.” Antony, Accounting, VCE-2009, Asia. “Anish is a wonderful tutor with a profound knowledge on the subject of accounting. His patience and technique in teaching clarifies and ensures your understanding of the subject. I personally recommend Anish to any accounting student who is finding difficulty grasping the subject. Thanks Anish for sharing your knowledge.” Kevin, Accounting, Deakin, Singapore “I would like to thank you from my heart for saving my life. You are genius, a great person and a wonderful coach. Can't comment in words “ Sunny, Business owner, Management Accounting and Cost Management, RMIT, India. "Anish is a very patient tutor who will run over the same material several times till you've completely grasped the unit or topic. He is always available to meet up and and offer support in preparation for tests/ exams or general problems which I was facing. I would highly recommend Anish to anyone in desperate need of accounting assistance.” Thierry, Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism, Victoria University, Mauritius “As good a tutor as you can get. Very encouraging and supportive personality and boosted my confidence in the subject greatly. Very clear explanation and it is very easy to learn from you. Thanks again for all of your help Anish.” Struan, Accounting, VCE, Asia "You made what I believed to be very hard topics easy and understandable. I now have confidence leading into the exam and should have started working with you weeks ago!" Brett, International Banking and Finance, Monash University, Australia. “Thank you for your assistance. You efforts were beyond the call of duty. I can't thank you enough” Online Student, Accounting and Finance, Canada. and many more..... 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Experience: 5 years

About me

Do you often feel lost in the lecture hall and sense the need to discuss your study problem with someone who will understand & listen patiently? Are you a college, university or a mature age student struggling to understand the subject or a professional juggling between work & academic commitment, keen on learning the subject in the quickest yet effective manner? Do you prefer to learn from a highly qualified, experienced and down to earth individual, to whom you can ask any silly academic question without feeling intimidated? Are you a local or an international student battling to keep up with the classroom pace and looking for someone who can guide you with minimum pain and maximum gain? If you answered “yes” to any of the above question, you and I should be talking. As a Mentor, I have been educating students from various top university sharing diverse cultural backgrounds, within Australia for close to 4 years. I am skilled to coach local and international students by understanding their mind-set and helping them build a level of confidence second to none. Theory of teaching revolves around building conceptual clarity and instilling critical thinking skills, in order to help a student to break hard to solve problems into easy to overcome hurdles. I believe that every individual has a different learning style and rhythm, so sessions are tailored to suit your natural pace. No matter where you place yourself on the learning curve, together we can still do better!! As the Native American saying goes.... Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I may not remember, Involve me and I'll understand. With me you will feel involved in your journey to learn. Your need based assessment is just a chat away!!