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nick english4all
country India
languages English, Hindi


Being the son of an English professor and author, language has always been my passion and apart from teaching English, I am also a part-time translator.

With more than 22 years of English teaching experience, I'm very confident that I will provide excellent English classes for you. I have taught for several years at English institutions and have taught individual classes, groups, and at large universities. I currently teach English both online and in person and have helped thousands of professionals and students improve their English skills. I would be very happy to learn what your English needs are and help you achieve your goals.

Teachin g Approach- 

Learning English gives you the opportunity to expand your world. I offer fully customised English classes for business, testing, or conversation, which will fit your needs and increase the speed of your learning. I have been doing this for many years both in person and online. I have developed a system to understand your needs and create fun, interesting, and productive classes.

Step 1: When we first meet, I will ask you some specific questions to understand your English level, your interests, and why you want to learn English.

Step 2: After I learn about you, I will prepare classes that will be both interesting and at an appropriate level. This will allow for faster development of your English skills. I believe that to learn English, you need to take what you learn and connect it to what you already know. I use many learning strategies to do this, but in the beginning, we will focus on learning to ask questions effectively. If you can ask the ‘right’ questions, you will open the door to learning more English in a more effective way.

Step 3: I use Skype and my own Virtual Classroom (Adobe Connect) which is the same classroom I use to teach my PhD students online. Using both Skype and Adobe you will be receiving the highest level of online EFL learning available.

Step 4: Our typical class will consist of a warm up, reading the selection, role play, grammar topic, and cool down the conversation. It is a fun and interesting class and I provide my students with all the materials they need based on their needs.

Experience: 22 years

About me

The reason why I don't offer trial classes is that many students just book trial classes but don't appear for it. It spoils my time. But you may book a trial class of shorter duration.
I am 1972 born, teaching English since 1995 and have taught more than 20,000 online students worldwide and taken more than 50,000 certified individual classes so far.

After teaching and travelling to so many countries, I've concluded that each and every individual has its own specific accent. Even in the same country, same city and in the same family. We must respect our accent and not run behind the Queen's accent. Many top leaders, actors and thinkers have their own specific accent and we like them the way they speak. The only important thing is that your choice of word and pronunciation should be correct. Then the most effective part to make your English impressive is that the grammar you use must not be ordinary. 

I teach my students according to their level, needs and interest. Some students take colloquial English classes through Skype where we discuss various topics or just converse and I give them ideas. If the students make mistakes, I correct.

Many of my students prefer to have classes through my virtual classroom where I have programs to make learning interesting and also to make it good value for money and time.
In the virtual classroom, I show my students some pictures to describe, these pictures are based on our surround in society. Then I play some audios and videos, they try to understand and then I ask questions. And then I have them read short stories enriched with vocabulary. 

I keep on picking mistakes, correct and explain it. I always insist my student use the right word.
I send advance emails to my students telling them what we are going to do in our next class, hence nourish all precious time of my students during the class and give extra time taking assignments for homework.
I also organise group discussions among my students of different countries that help getting rid of hesitation of speaking with strangers.

My father is a retired principal and was an English professor. He never lets me make any mistakes in English since my childhood and the way he corrected my mistakes and explained it, encouraged me to become an English teacher. I'm still learning from him as learning has no end. 

I initiated teaching English when I noticed many people make silly mistakes, may be because they speak what they listen. I started talking to them, stopped them whenever they made any mistake, picked and corrected it and explained why it is incorrect.


Please add me in your skype, let me know your English level.

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