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Alkitab 1, Arabic elementary هيا نتحد&# 1579; العر&# 1576;ية

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nick carloselinvincib
country Egypt
languages Arabic, English, Spanish


BA degree in history and arabic language BSC degree om computer information system

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About Class This is not a basic course, those who attend must have mastered at least the alphabet before starting this class. This is a full course, we will use the book shown in the photo to the left {Alkitab 1}. This book is used all over the American universities. This course is for serious students only, it is not one time thing, we will meet once a week to study from that book. There will be homework, reading, writing, and conversation. You will have to purchase the book for the class from amazon or ebay for about 30$, for any further question or assistance, email me please Syllabus Please try to study at least 5 hours per a week for this course. topics covered in this course: 1- Gender, the definite article, asking questions, subject pronouns, singular and plural, non human plural agreement, nominal phrase 2- Possessive pronouns, edafa, the present tense, negation, verbal phrase, more about questions, noun adjective phrases 3- The infinitive, the root of the verbs, fronted predicate, kan and its sisters, numbers 4- The present, the past and the future tense, awzan and the forms of the verbs. 5- Negation using laisa, ordinal numbers, what time it is?,and object pronouns. 6- Quantifiers, adjective phrase, subject verb agreement, negation of the past tense, anna and its sisters, describing places. 7- Definite and indefinite, the comparative and the superlative, prepositions, the dual and how to form it. 8- Plural of the feminine, the infinitive as a subject or nominative. Prerequisites You must have finished my previous course, Alkitab Alasasi Arabic basics and elementary {for serious students only], or Alif Baa book with me or any equivalent, a mic is needed if you would like to participate in the conversation.