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Arriba! Spanish Basics and Elementary اهلا بالا&# 1582;وة العر&# 1576; في هذه الدو&# 1585;ة

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About Class This course is for elementary and basic to intermediate students. You do not have to have any prior knowledge at all. We will learn everything from the alphabet to the tenses. we will use the book arriba which is used all over the American universities and colleges. You can buy it from amazon or eBay {5 $}, it is not expensive at all. I provide useful files, helpful websites, and 24 hours email-support. Reading, writing and conversation are essential activities in all my classes. with me, you will learn a lot, take my word. Syllabus topic covered in this course; 1- The Spanish alphabet, the numbers 2- Definite and indefinite articles, gender and plural, adjective form, position, and agreement 3- Possessive adjectives, the present tense, ser and estar 4- The present tense of stem changing verbs e ie, e i, o ue, formal commands, direct objects, the direct object pronouns, saber conocer 5- The verbs decir, and dar, poner , salir, traer, ver. reciprocal construction. 6- Gustar and similar verbs, double object pronouns, the present of regular verbs, commands. 7- Verbs with irregular preterit forms, indefinite and negative expressions , verbs with irregular preterit forms, impersonal and passive 8-Ordinal numbers, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, comparisons of equality and inequality, superlatives Prerequisites We start from scratch, from the alphabet , you do not need any prior knowledge at all. Love of Spanish language, culture and people The willingness to study at least 5 hours per a week for this course. este curso es para estudiantes de primaria y básica, no tiene que tener ningún conocimiento previo en absoluto. vamos a aprender de todo, desde el alfabeto a los tiempos. vamos a utilizar el libro arriba que se utiliza en todas las universidades y colegios en los estados unidos. puede comprarlo en Amazon o eBay, no es caro en absoluto. yo servo de archivos, sitios web útiles y 24 horas de soporte por correo electrónico. lectura, escritura y conversación rstan fundamentales en todas mis actividades en mis classes.conmigo, se aprende mucho, tome mi palabra.