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nick mrsmarquez
country United States
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Online and in-person Conversational teacher American native with understanding of basic Italian, and Spanish. English is my first language. In the State I grew up in it was imperative to be able to communicate with non native english speaking persons. I think this gives me a great advantage in my instructing.

Experience: 2 years

About me

100% Conversational English environment. Conversations will be tailored to my students needs. Our interaction will be dynamic, interactive, always fun and interesting. I will assign weekly homework to help solidify your lessons. Learning English should be a pleasant, fun and enjoyable experience! Learning a new language can seem overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Therefore, I believe that students should expect to laugh at themselves and at me the instructor; as we progress in their study of a foreign language. This fundamental ability can ease the fear and frustration language students may experience from time to time. My approach is a light-hearted one – I choose humor to build our relation and to easy my students frustrations while I guide them in acquiring Conversation English skills. For the beginning student, I primarily focus my lessons on learning and building a new vocabulary, greetings, salutations, and basic phrases. My secondary focus covers speaking, listening, and complex phrases and sentences. Benefits of learning with me: -Tailored to the student's needs; -Resourceful and up to date English learning materials provided by the teacher; -100% American Born Fluent English Speaker LIVE ONLINE LESSONS from virtually anywhere using Online Virtual Classroom or Skype. We will converse in real-time and work on your pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and conversation practice. I will provide any help that would be available to you in classroom and in person in a virtual environment. Your only need is a reliable computer, webcam, and a microphone. ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED WHEN USING VIRTUAL CLASSROOM. IF YOU SELECT THIS AS YOUR LEARNING OPTION YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO OUR LESSON OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Please contact me for information! PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Programs listed below are available IN PERSON and or ONLINE IN PERSON 1. LEARN AND PRACTICE ENGLISH (FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS) This course is tailor-made to suit the exact needs of each client. Courses are personal and completely flexible. For Children I like to start with picture books, and short stories. As we progress through the story they are able to learn and interpret in there own language thus reenforcing the english to native language learning and vocabulary building. 2. CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH Start speaking English as soon as possible. Special emphasis is put on everyday situations and vocabulary. The classes are taught in a lively and fun way making use of many forms of teaching aids. 3. TOURIST COURSE Understand and speak English on your trips without difficulty. Topics include: making travel arrangements; words and phrases for telling time, days of the week, numbers, seasons and colors; getting around in America, driving; food and dining. 4. AMERICAN CULTURE The course covers history, literature, geography, customs and social rules. NOTE TO POTENTIAL STUDENTS: I speak authentic American English. I do not use street or eubonics.