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Reading Comprehension and Writing, Vocabulary, Conversation

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nick chinju
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My name is Pearlynne B. Franco. I am twenty-five years of age and the eldest in the family. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. My parents and my youngest sister immigrated in the US last three years ago. I live with my brother, my daughter, and my husband. I graduated last 2002 in Lyceum of the Philippines. I took up Bachelor of Science in International Studies Major in International Trade. My major deals with businesses like ingress and freight. I am planning to take up my second major, which is Diplomacy in the near future. I was given a good opportunity to work in a local call center, AIG Credit Card Company, Phils., as a Customer Service Associate. I handled customer inquiries, documented case details and cardholder’s feedbacks, and resolved issues and complaints. I worked there for six months until I was been offered a job in an International call center, West Contact Services, Inc., as an International Direct Response, handling calls for different products and services. I worked during night shift for our customers were mainly from the United States and Canada. I also handled Basic Accent Reduction Training for apprentices. I started to work as an English as a Second Language Instructor for Korean students, November of 2005 in Wels Academy in Ortigas, Philippines. I handled one on one and group classes from students who were beginners, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced. I taught Basic to Fundamentals English Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Writing, Listening and Conversation, and Pronunciation. I also handled movie class, music class and debate. For me, teaching Korean students is a big challenge because I am dealing with people who have different race, beliefs, and culture. In this experience, I learned how to control things and share out my knowledge with them. With this career, I am not only earning a living. The most important thing is I am also learning from what I am teaching, and at the same time, I gain friends.

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Reading comprehension can be defined as the level of understanding of a passage or text. Reading comprehension can be improved by: Training the ability to self assess comprehension, actively test comprehension using questionnaires, and by improving knowledge about your own thinking. Writing is the learned process of shaping experiences into text, allowing the writer to discover, develop, clarify and communicate thoughts and feelings. Writing requires and supports the development of thinking skills. Learning to write brings the learner into the literate community as an active participant in the conversation. Increasing the size of one's vocabulary, also called vocabulary building, is generally considered to be an important part of both learning a language and improving one's skills in a language in which one is already proficient. Students are often taught new words as a part of a particular unit or lesson. Similarly, many adults find vocabulary building to be a fun and educational activity, as evidenced in the popularity of "word-a-day" services. A conversation is communication by two or more people, often on a particular topic. Conversations are the ideal form of communication in some respects, since they allow people with different views of a topic to learn from each other.