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nick coraliem
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Native French teacher, with good documents, books, exercises... I have every basics lessons, with a lot of explanations. I'm patient, available and I love teaching. I teach in my country (France) for all levels people and people who want to speak French. I can teach every levels. My lessons during for 60 minutes by skype. For the grammar, I send you a lesson (english lesson course), and I explained you every thing, followed of some exercises. For the vocabulary, I send you a text (about what you want, economy, company, life...) and then we work the new vocabulary. For speaking, You choose a subject (tell me one day before) and we can talk about it, I'll correct you, it could be a good exchange. I can correct your school exercises and I send you some lessons about your mistakes. Grammar : Active and passive form Mode conditionnel Mode impératif Mode indicatif (Futur antérieur) Mode indicatif (futur simple) Mode indicatif (Imparfait) Mode indicatif (Passé Antérieur) Mode indicatif ( Passé composé) Mode indicatif (Passé simple) Mode indicatif (Passé surcomposé) Mode indicatif (Présent) Mode infinitif (fonctions de l'infinitif) Mode infinitif (Proposition subordonnée infinitive) Mode participe Mode subjonctif Verbes d'actions Verbes d'état Propositions indépendantes Propositions subordonnées Répétitions Conjonction adverbe Verbes transitifs Gérondif Interrogation dirrecte/indirecte Vocabulary : Travel Phrasal verbs : travel Prepositions with adjectives Adjectives for character Music Medecine Moving house Sport Nationality Job Culture Verbs Partners Matter Help to describe something Synonyms Decisions and choice Discussion language Prefixe pronouns GIVE ENGLISH LESSONS TOO NICKNAME : coraliemichelas