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ENGLISH FOR ALL LEVELS- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Conversational

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nick kate0802
country Philippines
languages Bikol, English, Korean, Tagalog


I LOVE TEACHING. I have three years of work experience as an Online English Teacher to Koreans from Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and Daegu and to Chinese from Shanghai and Beijing. In my teaching career, I have taught kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and university students. I also taught professionals who want to excel in the English language. At present, I am a part-time instructor for a women's university in the Philippines and a homeroom adviser for freshmen university students. I also do research in the field of psychology. I am currently finishing my thesis to complete my Master's Degree in Applied Social Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University. I ranked 2nd in my batched when I gained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Miriam College Foundation, Inc. in 2005.

Experience: 3 years

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* Students will be given modules/ exercises that are appropriate to their needs. * To make sure that the teacher will address the specific needs of the student, a LEVEL TEST will be conducted FREE OF CHARGE at a time and date agreed upon by the teacher and the student. * The teacher will give the student feedback after every lesson and will be advised whether or not the student is ready to proceed to the next level. In my program, there are FOUR (4) LEVELS: I. BEGINNER LEVEL * for students who are just starting to learn English. Lessons in this level include the mastery of the English alphabet, Simple words, and Basic Expressions used in everyday conversation. (Advisable for kids ages 4-8). II. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL *for students who already mastered the basic skills needed to carry out conversations and discussions in English. Comprehension and Grammar skills will be the key competencies that will be developed in this level. III. ADVANCED LEVEL *for students who can carry out conversations, express their opinions and thoughts with proper grammar and above-average vocabulary level. IV. CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH *exercises in this level would focus on talking about relevant topics/issues that may be requested by the student. The student in this level is expacted by the teacher to express his/her thoughts in a logical way, with correct expressions. STUDENTS WHO AVAIL OF MY SERVICES WILL RECEIVE: -free modules/ worksheets/take-home execises -daily feedback on performance