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You want to travel cheap? I can help you!Flights or hotels!

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nick CVien
country Honduras
languages English, French, Sign Languages


Master in NLP TESOL diploma Personality profiles course

Experience: 8 years

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Hi my name is Cenia and I've been traveling a lot and since I hate paying a lot for my airplane tickets, Ive been shopping for it for years. The result? I have a lot of sites to get you the best prices possible for your tickets. If you find less I wont charge you! If I don't make you save at least a hundred $ on your ticket, I wont charge you! Just give me the best price you found and the site, and I will make it my personal goal to beat it and its usually by far. I also need your dates (also tell me if they are flexible and to wich extent) and from where to where (also do you mind flying from another airport close to your 1st choice or not) and that's it I will be your personal travel agent, I also have sites for hotels depending on your destinations.Book it with me you wont regret it!I charge per booking (Save 100-200$=25$for me, save 201$ et+=50$) unless I didn't make my requirements (then it's 0$), so you can either email me your details or book 15 minutes to get more information, and I will get back to you soon with my best price. You pay when I get you the final price I have and I can even book it for you or give you the link for it! I can usually make you save up to 400$, especially for Canada, USA, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland and France. My charge is covering my research time with your specifics and to ensure you get the best price possible without having to do the hours of research yourself"