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nick anataggy
country South Africa
languages Basque, English, French, Spanish


I have been a freelance writer since 2005 and have contributed to magazines such as Vibrations, Odyssey and Renaissance, and to several Ezines. My Animal Strategy series were published in the Renaissance magazine in the issues of 2006 to 2007 and I was featured columnist in The Big Brown Box ( in August 2007. My articles are published in several article banks such as,, and You can get an idea of the flow of my writing and my writing experience, please visit the following links to my free articles and inspirational speeches: ARTICLES piritualarticles.htm INSPIR ATIONAL SPEECHES @ SPEAKERSITE.COM: http://www.s rciaPhD You can also have a free preview of my ebooks in the following link: E-BOOKS AT YouPublish (SELF PUBLISHING): a-garcia For further information, please contact me at: Email: Cell: 076 393 3552 Web: m

Experience: 11 years

About me

* Do you want to write a book BUT feel stuck? * Do you need to write a report for work BUT don’t know how to make it sharp and poignant? * Do you need to write an essay for school BUT don’t know how to organize your thoughts in a logical order? I can help you with these and other general writing problems. Creative writing is a fun and expansive skill. Even if you don’t aim to become a professional writer, it is great to be able to express yourself with a personal flow and to communicate your ideas effectively. With the increased use of mobile phones and the several million sms’ that are sent daily throughout the world, many youngsters are losing the ability to write and spell properly. Although there is a place and a reason for everything, knowing your language with a certain level of proficiency is a skill that will never go “out of fashion”. It is also a very pleasurable and satisfying ability, a tool to keep you cantered and balanced, as for example, in regular journal writing. There can be many purposes for writing: a school essay, a statistical report, a training manual or a work presentation. They all require focus and structure, as well as the correct vocabulary, not to mention the right grammar and spelling (if you want to pass your college assignments or not to look like a fool in front of your work colleagues!). Although many people these days choose to write directly through the computer, it is said that “the hands are a link to the heart”. I myself use the computer for article or E-book writing, but I maintain a daily journal, which I write using crayons, metallic ink pens, glittery pens, highlighters and so on: bright colours and different textures create a kind of “mind-mapping” experience, a way for the brain to make connections that are no otherwise possible via the keyboard. Another aspect of creative writing involves story-telling: all the old traditions in the world used story-telling to keep their culture alive. When we include live stories within our writing, this acquires a higher level of communication, that of the parable or the fable, where a message or a moral is expressed in an indirect way… but it is said that “one image is worth a thousand words”. So if you want to be a creative writer, then you will need to use your imagination and include stories that bring your writing alive. Either way, welcome to Dr. Ana’s creative writing tuition where the sky is the limit… if you are willing to use your imagination and discipline your thoughts with some few useful tips. For further credentials, please check my other sites: and Call me on Ana: +27 (0)76 393 3552 or email me at: