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Animal Strategy

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Dr Ana Garcia has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Transpersonal Counselling (integration of higher consciousness in the counselling process) and a Masters degree in Education and Languages. She is a Coach U CTP graduated Life and Business Coach and has a management qualification with the British Institute of Management. Dr Ana is a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Mentor. She has studied the Metamorphic Technique Universal Principles with its founder, Gaston St. Pierre and holds qualifications in Character Analysis and Graphology with the British School of Yoga and Nutrition with the School of Natural Health Sciences (UK). Dr Ana's passion is to inspire others to claim their own power, clarify their dreams and create strategies to succeed.

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Animal Strategy is a set of 80 cards and guidebook based on the Native American approach to nature: animals can show us that we can learn to maintain a balance between what we take and what we give to the Earth. They are extremely resourceful and resilient and they can give us different perspectives on our life issues. Regain control and direction of your life by applying this new focus. Animals offer you choice and success in the Game of Life! Animal Strategy will help you discover how the animals can help you with your Relationships, Values, Strategies for Success, Personality and Potential. They offer us perspective and choice and I use this information to assist my clients on their personal development work” There are four main groups of animals that we will be using in Animal Strategy: 1. Mammals: Related to the physical realm or body, linked to the element of Earth and focused on matters of work, potential, material things, career and accomplishments. Walking in nature awakes our connection with the Earth. 2. Winged Animals: Related to the Mind, linked to the element of Air and focused on matters of ideas and thought-processes, rising above struggles through expanding our perspective and increasing our vision. Going up a mountain connects us with the element of air. 3. Insects & Arachnids: Related to the Emotions, linked to the element of Water and focused on matters of Inner Child and Transformation. This group characteristic is its adaptability and the process of metamorphosis or transformation they undergo in order to become an adult. 4. Reptiles & Amphibious: Related to the Soul, linked to the element of Fire and focused on matters of Spirit and Transmutation of Negative Energy into Positive (Dark into Light). Reptiles are cold-blooded reminding us to mind the environments in which we live. Amphibians shed their skin, symbolizing the transformation of letting go of the old in order to make space for the new. You will then learn that you ALWAYS have a choice and you will become successful in the "game of life"! In this course you will learn: • Card Spreads • Meaning of animals • Meaning of North, South, East & West in energy terms • Layout of your Totem Animals (9 animals that work with you throughout this life time) – Who you are. • Past-Present-Future: Your path. • 4 hour course of 1 hour sessions. • Course includes Ebook (guide book + pictures of 80 animals) and other information. For further information, call Ana: 076 393 3552 or email me at: