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nick LanguagePro
country Germany
languages Chinese, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin


7 years of speaking Esperanto More than 5 years of experience in teaching languages Lecturer in / about Esperanto Participant in the Universala Kongreso 2004 in Beijing, the ELNA conference 2006 in New York and various European meetings

Experience: 7 years

About me

People who speak Esperanto can be found in every country, in every major city and many smaller ones. It was designed as the language of international friendship, a language that everybody would learn in order to communicate easily with people from around the world. Yes Latin and French fullfilled that role in the past and presently English does, but these languages take many years to master additionally they give an unfair advantage to native speakers in a conversation. When e. g. an American and a Japanese person argue in Japanese, the Japanese has a big advantage because he can express himself so much more easily and he can point out the other's mistakes. Since Esperanto was designed to be a second language to everybody, not a native language, using Esperanto puts everybody on an equal footing. But what really qualifies it as a language of international communication is that people can learn it much faster than any national language, thanks to 100% regular grammar without superfluous rules and a very versatile vocabulary. Even if you're not particularly skilled at learning languages, you will only need a few months of non-intensive study to be able to read books or websites in Esperanto. If you're ready to invest more hours or if you have learned a European language before, you will be able to learn Esperanto in even less time. For further questions please see and . I believe in Esperanto and I have used it to communicate to people from as diverse places as Spain, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Ghana, Nepal, Japan and many other countries in the past. That is why I'm offering a unique deal: book my e-mail based course for just three months and if at the end of that you still can't fluently read Esperanto, you will receive any further Esperanto lessons FOR FREE, for as long as you want. The e-mail based course consists of lessons in HTML (webpage) format that include a dialogue or text, vocabulary, notes about grammar and word usage, exercises (including fun ones like e. g. a crossword or puzzle) and information about the Esperanto movement and its culture. After studying a lesson, you complete the exercises and send them to me so that I can correct them. You can also ask me questions about the lessons and request further explanations or exercises. All this comes at just 50 Euros per month! Since I GUARANTEE that you'll either be able to fluently read Esperanto at the end of three months or receive free lessons until that is the case, this means that the most you'll spend on this is 150 Euros! In addition to the e-mail lessons I am offering live lessons on Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Paltalk or Google Talk. These lessons are particularly recommended if you'd like to develop your accent, listening comprehension and fluency in conversation. For these lessons I have to charge 18 Euros per hour (60 minutes), and they are the most beneficial when you already know the basics of Esperanto, so that we can concentrate on speaking and not on learning basic grammar or the like. I will give a 15% discount on live lessons to those also ordering 3 months of e-mail lessons. A free first e-mail lesson is available upon request.