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nick hemangianagha
country India
languages English, Hindi, Marathi


I am a Post-graduate in Science from Mumbai University major at Animal Physiology and Biotechnology. I have persued Bachelors in Education from Mumbai University in 2010. Home Tuitions: From June 2005 to March 2007 June 2002 to December 2005 Vaze Centre for Talent Search V. G. Vaze College, Mulund (East) Faculty for Biology (Degree level) for N.T.S.E and S.T.S.E scholarship examinations Job Profile:-  Training Students in the subject of biology of Graduation level  Solving their doubts  Training students for projects presentation and seminars  Training students to face interview sessions June 2003 to June 2007 Dimension Classes, Thane (West) Faculty for Biology and Sanskrit (S.S.C and C.B.S.E) V to Xth Standard Technical Experience 1. Immunology: Extensive experience in Enzyme Immuno Assays, Western Blotting 2. Molecular biology techniques: Protein purification, Extensive experience in purification of proteins, especially immunoglobulin by ammonium sulfate precipitation, chromatography 3. Electroph oresis: Hands on experience in carrying out electrophoresis by SDS page, agarose gel electrophoresis, Western Blot. 4. RT-PCR and PCR: RT-PCR of extracted mRNA from any tissue. I have learned preliminary background in primer design and PCR optimization. 5. Nucleic acid extractions and purification: Conventional Phenol: Chloroform extraction followed by lithium chloride and/or ethanol: ammonium acetate precipitation method. 6. Transfection and transformation reactions in bacteria Preparation of DNA template including linearization of plasmid with specific restriction enzymes, cleaning by ethanol precipitation or spin-column chromatography 7. Tissue Culture Techniques: Experience in handling various tissue culture techniques as thawing, Subculture etc. 8. Microbiology Techniques: Preparation of media, plating, Slant preparation, isolation of pure colonies, etc. Project Undertaken – 1. Plant Galls: Plant Insect Interaction -2003-2004 In this project we concentrated on the protein extraction from plant galls, in order to see the variations in the protein content on the basis of stage of the plant and the insect in it. Also we tried to see the effect of different locations on the content of the protein. Different techniques used were Electrophoresis (AGE and PAGE), Estimation of protein biochemically. 2. Extraction of Antibiotics from soil Micro flora 2002: Conducted a small project for getting hands on experience of working in sterile environment. Soil samples from different locations were used to culture their micro flora, and tested to see the presence of any antibiotic, the antibiotic found was extracted using different solvents. Its potency was tested with different organisms. Due to lack of time and funds could not send the antibiotics for further characterization 3. Clinica l Pathology, Hematology, Chemical Pathology In charge: - Dr. Praveen K. Gupte, Gupte laboratory, Thane (w) An on job training for getting hands on experience on Blood collection, Routine urine test, Histopathology.

Experience: 4 years

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I provide online tutoring for CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE,IB curricula for Biology.I've pursued Master in Science and Bachelor's in education. I am known for my simple and unforgettable examples which will help students to understand the concepts in science. The study material will be provided to students by me. The free trial for 15 minutes will be given. I charge 12.5 USD per hour and 7 USD half an hour For scheduling 5 lessons - 55 USD (11 USD/Hr)