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nick ani6878
country Colombia
languages English, Spanish


E-commerce/Pedagogy I have been taking some programs to improve my knowledge of my skills, and learn a new subject, e-commerce . I have received several awards, because of my good grades on these courses, which are approved by the Colombian goverment. I feel proud of my commitment. Pedagogy Processes I took a course in order to be prepare for approving some type of teaching schools to work legally in Colombia. This course helped me to learn about the procedures in education for formal and informal schools. Advanced English I studied some segments of the English language to be prepare for future contestants. Advanced English Grammar I studied advanced listening Grammar, to complement some of my English learning process. The award received was for my high good grades. Translation I studied English to Spanish Translations at International House, I received award for final project. Languages I studied languages ENGLISH and SPANISH pedagogy, transforming all this knowledge in a diamond to be taught to hundreds students,who today are taking courses in different parts of the world and have decided to be teachers as me. I was graduated as a master English and Spanish teacher. approvals. English Language Teaching Conference I attended this course, in order to keep informed about the last methodology for English teachers, thinking of the area and school subjets.

Experience: 15 years

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Over the last 15 years, I have developed a wide range of translations, written articles and taught both English and Spanish. I am the solution you are looking for this application, my skills are based on good results and I like to face great challenges to be overcome. As a champion I feel 100% committed to face great challenges in my life ... I have considered as a successful person with lots of discipline, excellence, leaderchip, conviction, sacrifice, perseverance and faith . My English has become one of the best tools during the last 15 years in my carreer. Actually I have been working both as an English translator/teacher and on line in the evenings and taking some courses which have taught me, this century depends a lot on internet services, in fact the last 3 years my workforce has been focused on internet service 30% and 70% teaching. I have written some articles for EMERGING CAST, BILINGUAL INTERPRETER GROUP, GECOLSA CATERPILLAR, CHEVRON etc.