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nick English_Tutor100
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I have university Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the USA and I have taught as a full professor at universitys and private schools for years.  

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Contact me in your free introductory lesson to discuss your English learning Schedule.  Contact Skype ID Will.Harper100 email Will (at) WillHarper.com or call by whatsapp at 593997316603

CERTIFIED Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Owned and operated 2 schools of English. Master's Degree Conducting on-line training around the world, including an Arabic TEFL / English-Arabic interpreter in Qatar, 3 Latino TEFL teachers in Columbia, and a Latino TEFL teacher in Ecuador. View my CV and other experience on my personal web site at www.WillHarper.com

View video profiles at https://www.youtube.com/ch annel/UCX_GZICkWnLYwAT3gB4SELg

Experience: 14 years

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$3 per 15 minutes; English conversation, COMMUNICATION skills or BUSINESS ENGLISH.  1 HOUR FREE TRIAL! Contact me to discuss your English learning Schedule and your FREE, 1-HOUR trail lesson. Check out the audio introductions at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_GZICkWnLYwAT3gB4SELg   

Schedule a trial lesson to discuss your needs and set up a learning program and a FREE 1-HOUR trial for you.  You can also contact me on Skype at Will.Harper100 to discuss more details or disuss your goals.  (Be sure to remind me of your BuddySchool ID.

I KNOW how to help you with your English.  I have a Master's degree; I am certified; and I have many years of experience TEACHING ENGLISH ONLINE, to students like you.

I have hundreds of happy English students from around the globe. Almost all of our students come to me with a lot (years) of English in school but very limited and barely usable English skills. We solve those problems, and most of our students meet their goals.

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Will Harper, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
will @ WillHarper.com
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