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Guaranteed results! $3 per 15 minutes: Don't use BuddySchool's scheduling.  Contact me on Skype to discuss your English learning Schedule.  Skype ID:  English_Tutor100  My English lessons are GUARANTEED!  If you are not happy, you don't pay!

Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking See my CV and work history on my personal web site at www.English-Tutor.us 20 years as a key member of a business proposal writing team for a multi-billion-dollar company.

 Watch a few of my student's videos (this is just a few) here:  https://www.youtube.com/ch annel/UCX_GZICkWnLYwAT3gB4SELg

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How many YEARS have YOU been TRYING to lean English? Don't try to "learn to speak English"; SPEAK to LEARN English!  I discovered that, when I was TRYING to learn to speak Spanish.  It wasn't working....My teaching methods are GUARANTEED.  if you are not happy, you don't pay.

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I also offer "personal group" fees for small groups of 2-6 people who want to share costs.  You can form a private group, if you want to share costs.  The price is $1 more for each additional person (limit 6 per group).  Try English classes with a friend or family member!  It's more fun, less expensive, and you can learn more - faster.  In typical classrooms and public group classes online, there is not much "learning"; but learning is VERY GOOD in a small, private group class with some of your friends and associates.  You still have a professional tutor to guide discussion, correct and help you improve. We've had some friends take a class together and they love it. See if it will work for you...