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nick Sam4English
country United States
languages Chinese, English, Spanish


B.A. Communications M.S. Communications M.L.S. Library Science

Experience: 20 years

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Everyday use of English. Common expressions in daily life, business, etc. New vocabulary, use of vocabulary, idioms and idiomatic expressions, practice sentences, with MP3's. Topics: Business Corporate Spying Finding a Niche in Business Workplace Safety Using the Copier Dealing with an Angry Client Making Business Contacts Dealing with Unhappy Employees Sending Business Packages Taking Chances in Business Riding in a Carpool Getting a Performance Evaluation Getting Around Regulations Importing and Exporting Goods Working in a Bad Economy Talking About Inventory Describing Boring and Exciting Things Buying Men's Shirts Organizing Your Office Feeling Nervous About Public Speaking Daily Life Talking about Intelligence Giving Awards and Congratulations Talking about Censorship Using an Instruction Manual Having Plumbing Problems Using Hair Products and Accessories Talking about Wealth Being in Debt Getting a Dream Job Describing People's Voices Renting an Apartment Being a Self-Made Man or Woman Getting a Bad Reputation Dining Planning a Gourmet Meal Ordering at a Sandwich Shop Entertainment Listening to the Radio Cable and Satellite TV Buying a Digital Audio (MP3) Player Going to the Park Talking about Books Having a Slumber Party Going to the Playground Watching Political Commentary Shows Listening to Music Watching Videos on the Internet Types of Story Endings Health and Medicine Going on a Diet Giving First Aid Reading Food Labels Health in Developing Countries Describing Aches and Pains Problems with Drugs Making an Emergency Medical Call Having a Good or Bad Bedside Manner Having Trouble Sleeping Having Limited Mobility Relationships Making a Bet Stranger on an Airplane Making a Move on Someone Telling Secrets to Parents Meeting the Future In-Laws Communication Problems Being Affectionate in Public A Traditional Wedding Describing People's Moods Being Persuasive Internet Dating Having a Best Friend Ending a Bad Date Having Doubts about Getting Married Showing Respect and Disrespect Being Clumsy Having a Temper Tantrum Travel All Inclusive Vacations Describing Distances and Giving Directions Picking up a Rental Car Traveling by Bus Getting Travel Documents Using a Guide Book Using Frequent Flier Miles Visiting a Museum Flying on Low-Cost Airlines Talking About Architecture Using English at Work Arriving at Work Checking Mail, Email and Voice mail Attending the Morning Meeting Working at My Desk Taking a Break and Eating Lunch Having Computer Problems Scheduling a Meeting Meeting with the Boss Leaving Work Socializing with Coworkers