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BA in Global Education, post graduate courses and in-service trainings in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, More than twenty years   teaching for community education programs, private institutes, community college, and as a self-employed tutor in person and online, author of English learning column for Spanish language newspaper.  Sorry, I don't publish my certificates due to a concern for identity theft.

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Phrasal verbs and idioms usually can't be understood literally, even if you know the meaning of every word in the phrase.  You must know what the whole phrase means. The phrasal verb "get up" means to leave the bed after sleeping.  "Make out" means to embrace and kiss someone.  "I feel like a million bucks" has nothing to do with money, eventhough bucks are dollars.  It means, I feel great! 

Collocations are the common phrases we use.  We get stuck in "heavy traffic", not "strong traffic", as a Russian might say if translating from Russian.  Heavy traffic is what we say when there are too many cars on the road and the movement of traffic is slow.

Learn to use American English collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs. We will use books and audio files that teach these phrases in context and in dialogs, not as vocabulary lists. These amusing books, "1000 Collocations", "Speak Business English Like An American" or "Speak English Like An American" will teach you to talk like a native Engish speaker and will help you understand Americans, our tv shows and movies. These and other materials are free for you.

If you are an Intermediate or Advanced student, I invite you to study these common phrases with my teaching and guidance. We will use a book with audio files (free to you) and discuss the meaning and usage of each collocation, phrasal verb or idiomatic expression. We will practice using idioms in conversation and, if you like, written work. Of course, I will correct your pronunciation and grammar as needed and give you many tips on how to improve your English on your own.

See you soon!


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