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nick Mina87
country India
languages English, Hindi, Telugu


Certified English Translator from OEL Certified inToefl Language instructor Taught undergraduate students English.

Experience: 7 years

About me

Hello All, My name is Mina.I am a professional language teacher for different subjects.I have been teaching English for the students from the countries whose primary language was Chinese/Korean/Japanese.Just try a test lesson and start speaking English easily.English is one of the easiest languages to learn and to use for its simple alphabet, easy words, short words and easy plurals.You can travel to any English speaking country without the need of have a translator. Usually, if you don’t know the language your trip would be hard and maybe you wouldn’t enjoy it.One of the most often cited reasons for learning to speak English is career advancement. Much of the world’s business is conducted in English, so knowing the language can be a huge advantage if you plan to relocate to an English-speaking country or if you just want to advance in your organization. However, many of the English language learning resources that exist focus primarily on everyday usage of the language. While this is helpful to know, you’ll need to do some additional study on business English if you plan to utilize the language at work. You may choose any option- $7.5 for 30 min lesson (pay $50 for 25 lessons in a month) $3 for 45 min lesson (pay $36 for 12 lessons in a month) $4 per hour (pay $36 and take 8 lessons in two weeks) $5 per hour (pay $32 and take 6 lessons in two weeks) $6 per hour (pay $28 and take 4 lessons in two weeks) $4 per hour (pay $18 and take 2 lessons in two weeks) and pay $10 per lesson for Official English.