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Modern and Ancient Greek

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I have teached Greek language at two children at the age of 11 and 13 who were students at primary and secondary school for two years as a teacher of Greek philology.I also have teached Greek language at two groups of adults from other countries in a center of teaching of Greek language for other two years. I am experienced at the procedure and methods of teaching Greek language and I know well the difficulties and the failures students most of the times face in their effort to learn writing and speaking Greek language as well as to conversate by using it. Greek is considered a quite demanding as well as fascinating language! A well-structured and interesting course can ensure successful results in short time. My teaching method involves a viable, personalised learning process through which students get fully conscious of their language use and are able to understand and use it effectively while communicating. Teaching is effected in accordance with the students’ individual learning style, rythm and needs. I expose my students to real-life Greek language use, both orally and in writing, and every teaching unit is followed by a vocabulary and grammar review so that any knowledge gained progressively is consolidated. Also, specialised terminology can also be taught at will. I strongly believe that the particular course enables my students to feel the magic of the Greek language and use it successfully in real, everyday communicative circumstances avoiding them to learn it in a technical environment where aknowledge is gained mechanically.

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Hello.My name is Maria Kapetanou and I am a graduator of Classical philology of the University of Athens.I have been giving private lessons to students for five years so I have am experiened with the process of teaching that is required for also for languages teaching.I have also been giving online lessons of modern Greek to foreigners for two years.My aim is to create an original learning environment and not a mechanic one. I teach Modern and Ancient Greek language and through my lesson I offer deep and understandable knowledge of Greek history and civilization. I also teach ancient Greek philosophy including Greek authors as Plato and Aristotle. I teach combining Greek language with Greek civilization.